Sunday, March 03, 2013

Our Week

Sunday and Monday we spent in Dallas with Bella.

Tuesday Sammi and Becca spent with our dentist – poor girls!  My Lizzy was my right hand that day.  She got Joy off of the bus.  How grateful I am that the girls help each other.  Becca decided to skip the rest of the school day to work on Astronomy.  That class (including the final) has to be done by 3/11.  Nothing like a deadline to get ya movin’!  Sammi spent the day sleeping off the laughing gas.

Wednesday Becca spent all evening on Astronomy.  (catching a trend here?)

Thursday Sammi and I went to a baby shower.  She wanted so badly to bring a gift, so she made a homemade teddy bear with she sewed herself with leftover material from her scripture bag.  It was cute and I forgot to get a picture – bad mom!  She loved the shower, though.  She said she is excited to one day have one for herself.

A Thursday night tradition – Sammi and Daddy watch a movie!  Now that Jessi is 12 she decided she’s old enough to join them.  With no more night nursing, Bella decided to join them.  And because they love me and know I crash as soon as the sun sets, they wear earphones so that I can sleep through their movie night!


Friday more astronomy – Never take a class online that says experiment rich!!  Here we are  enduring doing an experiment about how photons travel.


IMG_0701Saturday Jason went to a five hour gardening class.  He loved it!  We are excited for what this will do for our garden!  Meanwhile Becca and I went out and bought a Blend Tec, something I’ve been wanting for a while.  We went a little crazy and made hummus, a smoothie, ground wheat, and made strawberry sorbet.  It was fun!  And of course, we did astronomy.IMG_3453


from wheat berries to flour in 50 seconds…and then into some great bread a couple of hours later.


We have had some great and crazy weather – it’s been cool, but clear and beautiful!  Joy, Lizzy, Alex and I have enjoyed walks and being in the backyard.


Joy wanting for Jessi with me.  She has been in the best mood this week.  Maybe it’s all the sunlight we have been getting.  I read a phrase that I loved.  It said “She was solar powered.”  I feel that way.  I love the sun!!               We harvested and dried our dill.  Smells good!


Working hard in therapy


Making music!


He is just so cute when he sleeps!  It looks like a sling, but it’s called restraint therapy.  It forces him to use his left and weaker side.  The hope is that it’ll force his brain to create neural pathways and strengthen that weaker side.  And look!!  On all fours and rocking back and forth – yeah, a huge step towards crawling!!


Swingin’ and loving’


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