Sunday, September 04, 2011

Our Busy Week

Let’s start off with the cute little ones:

Jessi got a feather this week and new owey braces on the back teeth.IMG_4376September 4 001

At one point this week, I just needed a moment outside and found these with the camera.


Monday Becca slipped on a golf ball sized rock at school. That night we visited the Minor ER. She has a heel sprain, no big deal, but she did something to her nerves – because it’s still numb. On Saturday she made these cute covers for the top of her crutches.

On a side note, I love being the mother to a nerd! She is so fun to listen to! She belongs to the Klein Overachievers Group of 2014. She talks about physics. She practices her viola because she wants to. This nerd is grateful to have a nerd as a daughter!

September 4 002IMG_4420

This is how Jason cooks – he preps (looks of dishes) and then he cooks. It sure tastes good!


Loved this – Becca doing homework with a pink crayon while on Facebook

My cuties


Jason made Grilled Manicotti Pizza. Only 35 weeks of school left! IMG_4425IMG_4411

Cute Joy:


Downtown for Bella Out to lunch for Sammi and Joy

September 4 004September 4 005

Sammi – Art Club, a bottle cap snake, and we went and checked out the teen home school group. They played several get to know you games. She had a wonderful time! She and the YW played three games of volleyball on Saturday. They won every set.

September 4 007September 4 008IMG_20110903_094308

There was so much going on this week – play dates, swimming, therapy, doctors, art club, nursing issues, ARD prep, IEP prep, lots of dealing with paperwork and regulations, lots of running and picking up and dropping off – lots of life. There is a lot to life and I’m grateful that a lot of life is good.

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