Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Week of Worry

Labor Day started off well enough – playing, relaxing, and then some household projects – doors for Bella, a painted Laundry room for me, some driver’s ed for Becca.  But then my Mom called, wildfires had broken out.  They were evacuating.  The worry and fear started.  How far would the fire spread?  Would they lose everything?  How would that effect the kids (meaning Nathan and Mandy)?  How would my parents deal?  So I did what I do best – I worried.  That night they joined us for our grilled dinner(felt guilty about inviting evacuatees to eat food cooked on a grill with lots of smoke in the air).  A lot of time was spent looking at the computer for updates.  Worry, worry, worry.


Tuesday was Joy’s ARD.  Wednesday she started school. (insert freaking out Mom!)


Becca is still on crutches with her ankle – so Mama gets to pick her up from school each day.  Jessi busted her ankle in PE.  What fun!  Another doctor’s appointment.

Sept 11 004September 11 449

I got to see my brother and sister a lot more than normal – very fun!Sept 11 005Sept 11 001

Becca had Orchestra Pot Luck on Thursday.  It’s a pot luck for the parents and orchestra kids with a little concert afterwards.  Notice that my ankle injured girl decides to sit on the stage rather than stand.  Crazy girl!  She loves orchestra – and I am glad.

Sept 11 007Sept 11 008

Homework and Becca’s foot (still giving her troubles)

September 11 450September 11 451

Wildfires make for bad air quality.  So grateful for the vent! 

Joy’s first bus ride home.  (35 minutes long – no aide.  One nice email and we now have an aide, but still have a 35 minutes ride home – ick)

September 11 454September 11 458

We got to see Nathan and Mandy!  No humidity in the air=nosebleeds.

September 11 461September 11 462September 11 465

Bella waiting for Joy's bus. 

When are you ever going to get home and play with me?




Our school celebrates 9/11 by calling it “First Responders Day.”  They had police, firemen, and EMS  at the school to talk to the kids.  Bella had no nurse on Thursday or Friday, so she had to drug everywhere.  We took Becca to a foot and ankle specialist.  She has an appointment with a neurologist on Monday to see about her nerve pain.

Sept 11 009Sept 11 010

The Balls joined us for Friday pizza and movie nightSeptember 11 469September 11 471September 11 470September 11 473

Saturday  - we almost made it through the to-do list!  The girls making the menu for the week – wahoo!  Then I taught them how to make the shopping list.  My life is getting better and better!

September 11 474September 11 475

This afternoon we gathered at my house for my little sister.  Today, 9/11/11, the day we remember the attacks on Americans, the lives lost, and the great heroes that showed America’s great strength, is also my youngest sister’s birthday.  Today she turned eight.  Eight years ago in China, a beautiful baby girl was born.  With time she was lead to our family.  Yesterday was supposed to be her birthday party.  Since my parents still can’t return to their home, it has been postponed.  So we gathered for dinner, cake and ice cream to celebrate Mandy.  Happy 8th birthday Mandy!

September 11 476September 11 481September 11 483September 11 485

Cake time!

September 11 492September 11 493


September 11 497September 11 498September 11 499September 11 500

More on my Mom’s house:

I was so afraid this week.  How do you walk away from your home and leave everything?  Besides constantly watching on the news, Facebook, and the internet for updates, I kept trying to figure out what I could do.  Going through my house in my mind, what could I give them to replace memories?  I did find them a house to rent in my neighborhood if they had lost everything and had to re-build.  The crazy thing was that it took so long to find out that their house was still standing.  Days and days of wondering with no word.  They haven’t been back yet, but from what we hear and saw on a video it looks like they have been extremely blessed.  Their house is still standing.  Their animals are fine.   I am grateful, and starting to breathe again.  I have to admit, though, as horrible as it would have been to lose everything, the thought of them so close was wonderful!  I have seen my parents more in the last week than probably the last three months.  We are busy.  They are busy and with Bella we can’t go to the farm often.  But I am grateful that they are safe.  That their home is safe.  That the kids don’t have to go through the trauma for losing everything.  We have been very, very blessed – and I am grateful!

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Danielle said...

Sooo glad to hear your parents property is okay. It was just heartbreaking to see all the news about the fires and know so many lives were being effected! Awesome pictures on your blog of your family too!