Sunday, September 25, 2011

Our Week

Monday and Tuesday Bella and I were downtown at appointments.

A scene from our living room – what I love is Bella is in there!IMG_4593

Sept 25 001We had to pick up supplies for Jessi’s Orchestra Program so we headed off to the violin shop and WalMart.  I finally figured out the perfect way to bribe Joy into being good at WalMart – hint…a little carbonation goes a long way!



I found an app for Joy that I really like!  She is doing so well with it.  Bella loves water bottles.


Tuesday – well after therapies and Orchestra and private lessons, I was trying to figure out my schedule for the next couple of days.  I had put the chicken on the grill and was quietly working inside.  Jason got home about then a little panicked.  Evidently, my chicken had caught fire.  As Jason drove down the street, he could see billowing smoke.  He was sure our house was going up in smoke.  When I got out there, there was fire droplets literally dripping out of the grill.  We got it out, but Jason was sure if it had been the previous week before we got any rain, we would have started a rather large fire.  Scary!  We had pizza for dinner.

IMG_4599Sept 25 005

One of my notes cards to reminder me of everywhere I need to be and when.  Cute Jessi

IMG_4601 - CopyIMG_4602 - Copy

Lizzy collected all the coins she could find to buy popcorn from Becca’s friend – a Latin Club fundraiser.   I finally finished my baby table.  Without the glare, that is a picture of Jason and I on our Wedding Day – and then our family as babies.  Very sweet to me.


Wednesday dentist for Jessi and Joy – Lizzy had to have a tooth smoothed out and Joy has three more cavities – that brings her total up to 9 for the year.  Poor kid.  You would think we never brushed!

Sept 25 007Sept 25 010

In addition to our normally scheduled therapies, Sammi also had an eye appointment.  Her eyes are changing so rapidly that the doctor wants to see her every six months.  She is now at –3.75 (don’t know what that means except that like her Daddy, she is blind).  New lenses were ordered.

Thursday was intense – we had five therapies – hard to fit into one day, but we got the results from Sammi’s OT eval.  She is gifted in spatial visual perceptions.  Hmm…makes sense with her artistic abilities.  She has a lot of great coping strategies with her ADD.   She is starting a therapeutic listening program.

Thursday evening was wonderful!  Sammi got to go to the temple for the first time.  She was sick the last time the youth went.  My sweet girl!  How I love to see my children in the temple!

Sept 25 012Sept 25 014Sept 25 016Sept 25 017

Just silly Friday morning pictures!


Friday I got to have lunch with Kathie for her 36th birthday!  Happy birthday Kath!

Lizzy reading to Bella


Saturday morning:


Jason took the girls up to the Farm for Mandy’s birthday party.  He took pictures of the aftermath of the Fire.  We just thought the cow was funny – she looks so startled!


Mandy’s Art Party – the girls had a lot of fun!


Happy birthday Mandy!

Meanwhile at home, Becca and I ordered Chinese and watched a weird British mystery.  Fun!

That evening Kathie, Mama, and I went out to dinner and then to the RS Broadcast.  I loved Elder Uchtdorf’s talk.  I’m thinking of planting some Forget- me-nots.  I was reminded last night that I need to develop compassion.  I am afraid that events of the last three years have made me a bit hard.  I want to do better.

If you read my post, Wanderings of my Mind, then here is an update.  I enjoyed this article in the BYU Magazine, particularly “Making Room for Virtue.”  I think I shall post it in another post.  Then last night Elder Uchtdorf mentioned some things for me to think about.  After writing down my thoughts last week, it helped me to realize why I am doing this project: (sorry for the glare)

IMG_4603The gold stars are temples, the red stars are children’s hospitals, we are adding starts for things like climate, cost of living, everything.





and why I love this:

the reality is I would be busy anywhere.  No place is going to give me peace.  Peace comes not from things or locations.

Anyway, life is about progression.  This morning I feel blessed with my family and a home.  Happy Sabbath to all!

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