Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our Week

This was a happy week for Joy!  Picking up Jessi after school, riding on the dinosaur, doing Becca’s hair, and practicing – just like her sisters.September 18 001September 18 009IMG_4523IMG_4537

The giant tomato we harvested from our garden – it tasted good, though!  Sammi made mosaics at Art Club.


Studying Science outside – one of the benefits of homeschooling!  Sammi and Becca have a game they like to play together on Facebook.IMG_4554IMG_4555

Jessi playing with her Clay people.   Becca using technology – she is so funny!  This week she used facetime on her itouch to be able to get some tutoring in Chemistry and then she used it again to help Dad who was upstairs in the attic.  He was trying to adjust the antennae and needed to know how the signal strength changed as he turned the antenna.  She is a child of the 21st century!IMG_4556IMG_4557

It was actually humid on Saturday!  It almost felt like Houston.IMG_4559IMG_4560

Lizzy, in peace glasses, with some carrots from the garden.  SWINGING!!IMG_4561IMG_4572

Sammi made a countdown until her birthday      My countdown till summer!IMG_4574IMG_4575

RAIN!!   Jessi teaching Becca a song on the piano


Joy helping me make banana bread


Working in some composted manure and getting our fall plants in – cauliflower, cabbage, zucchini, and cucumbers.  We are also trying some heirloom tomatoes.  Once we pull out the zinnia, we’ll plant some lettuce.


Becca and Jessi planted some flowers in the front.  This drought has been so long and hot!  I’m hoping the Fall is kinder.




Jessi went to the big meeting for 5th Grade Strings this week.  I can feel it in my bones…..and so it begins.  Another one in the Orchestra program. 

The girls had two birthday parties and Sammi played in the Volleyball Championship at church.  We also went to Hobby Lobby twice this week – so out of character for me!   Jason is hoping to do some crafts with the girls during the upcoming holidays.  We are all excited for Fall, for Halloween decorations, for cooler temperatures, for fun!

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