Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Week of School


My six girls!  Jason plus these six - my world right here. 

We had Back to School blessings after church last week.






First Day of School


Homework, homework, homework….everyone all the time!  Liz got a feather


My babies don’t seem to have changed much with school going on!IMG_4315IMG_4316

Joy dressed herself!  Her dress was inside out and only one sock, but I’ll take it!!

LOOK!  She’s pulling herself up!


Playing and hanging out


My thoughts on school – so far everything is going well.  The teachers all seem fine.  Homework every night – ick.  I was saddened how quickly we all slipped back into our school groove.  I mean it’s good, but how quickly summer is just gone – poof!  Back to being pulled a thousand different directions all at the same time!  Everyone has friends and seems happy.  Sammi’s subjects are going well.  We were both worried because this is 7th Grade – serious stuff, but so far, no troubles.  We have enjoyed reading her new Literature book.  She was introduced to the humorous essay – a totally new genre for her.  Home Ec is going well, but typing she would gladly do without.  A good start for everyone!  (and did I mention Seminary started on the 2nd day of school?)

Friday – Lizzy had a loose tooth.  She finally got it out in the swimming pool – gross, but true.  Love her eyes in this picture!  Yes, I am tracking how long till school is out – only 36 more weeks.  Becca and her friend figured out they have about 107 weeks of school till they graduate.  Ugh – be still my heart!




While we were swimming, Becca and Jason were playing too!  My Becca Lynn made my heart sing on Friday.  Her friends wanted to go to the Football game, but she said that she hadn’t spent a single Friday night with her family since before she left for Iowa, so she was staying home.  Ohhh…  made this Mama happy.  Maybe it was the pizza….hmm….


Playing around after the movie.


Saturday  - Cleaning the church, Primary Activity (looks like fun!) and two volleyball games.  We didn’t mention school once.  We got done the things we needed to and were just here.  One of the kids said, “It feels like summer again.”  Yeah!


Sammi’s fort:

august 28 005august 28 006august 28 007august 28 009

august 28 028

Sammi gave her first talk in Sacrament Meeting.  She spoke on Faith and although nervous (terrified), the congregation couldn’t tell.  She did so well!  I am so proud of you Sammi!  Because both Jason and I wanted to see/hear her, we brought Bella to Sacrament Meeting – her third time ever!


august 28 029


Just for the irony – we are breaking heat records left and right here and Joy wants to wear a winter hat.  OK. 


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