Sunday, August 21, 2011

Our Week

Let’s see…there were ten therapy appointments, two appointments down town for Bella, Jessi’s last private cello lesson (till next summer – 5th Grade Orchestra here we come), a Relief Society enrichment night for me, babysitting for Sam, Special Education elevation for Joy, Mall Madness for mutual, got to bring a meal and hold a newborn, Meet the Teacher for Joy, Lizzy, and Jessi(two different days – two different schools), orthodontist appointment, piano lessons, we said good bye to one Viola private tutor and hello to a new one, an Orchestra practice and picnic, Jason helped a family move, we painted and moved Bella to a new, bigger room, Jason extended our sprinkler system to include my herb garden plus several play dates and swimming.  A busy, but productive week.

People keep asking me if my life will calm down once school starts.  One comment only:  Are you kidding me?  It gets crazy!  But it’s all good.  I am grateful to be a Mama and have an active and busy household.

This week’s photos:

Texting and cuddling                                    Modern art




Just because she is cute                            Pumpkin pie for FHE (kinda hot for that)IMG_4238IMG_4239

Practicing and reading


We have had lots of lizards lately             Watching Blues Clues on the ipadIMG_4243IMG_4244

Fun with hair and sweet sisters


My 4 year old, veteran of the millions of tests for PPCD and my almost 3 year old telling me her opinion of yet another trip down town.

aug 21 001aug 21 002

Jessi’s Cello teacher – thanks!  See you next year!   Pizza night on Friday!aug 21 006IMG_4259

Meet the teacher for Joy – Mrs. Jones (I like her!)

aug 21 008aug 21 012aug 21 014

Dancing  and my cowgirls


Working on Bella’s new room:


Kris was in town and came and helped us.  We love you Kris!IMG_4265IMG_4271IMG_4273IMG_4277

Kathie and Katie came by.  Katie and the girls played and baked while Kathie helped me paint!  Thanks for the help Kath!


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Kris said...

I love you guys too!!!! :D