Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Week

Playing and goofing off


School supply sale – they are now ready!


We are making Bella’s room bigger – she is growing up and out of the baby phase.  She needs bigger girl toys and more room, so we are moving things around which means painting and building book cases.


OH Happy Day!! Becca came home!!

Happy, happy girl……………………………………kissing Bella


showing us her treasures, dancing with Joy


I was so happy to just listen to her, to see her, to touch her.  She is home!  I am not yet ready for her to leave us.                                          Showing Bec the garden


More playing, pretending,baking, and loving….


Pizza night!  Joy came in to get me from Bella’s room with “Da! p-za!  J-ou-ce! p-za!” (Daddy is home with Pizza and soda!)  Notice she is the one waiting patiently to be served.  I find that funny.


Our family’s trip to the beach!  We took Bella!


My van – the portable ICU, electrical plug for 2 ipads, a movie theater, and a vehicle to transport my family


All six of them on the ferry!!


Bella on the ferry…………………………….the perfect spot at the beach house – lots of air conditioning


Hanging out


Playing Monopoly on the ipads


On the beach

IMG_4186IMG_4188IMG_4204IMG_4206IMG_4212IMG_4215IMG_4219August 14 057

On the way home we decided to head a different way, and rather than going back to the ferry and waiting and waiting for our turn, we headed  inland – a way we have never taken before.  And how grateful I am that we heeded that prompting!  Our engine overheated just outside of a little town called Winnie.   The girls and I hung out at the Dairy Queen where we consumed great quantities of cold drinks (and saw a mouse!  - don’t eat there!!!!).  Meanwhile Daddy walked over to the supermarket and bought lots of antifreeze and distilled water.  After the car cooled and he refilled the radiator, we headed home – IMG_4156watching the temperature gauge very closely.  We all prayed very hard.  This beautiful princess can’t be out in this horrid heat.  We were all so grateful to finally be home!  An adventure!  And another story to add to our family’s experiences.

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