Sunday, August 07, 2011

Our Week

This week our Becca Lynn was at EFY in Nauvoo.  I am so hoping she took pictures!  She comes home on Wednesday!

On Monday we sorted socks – always an adventure.  We got to talk to Becca!  She asked to speak to Joy.  Joy talked and talked and talked.  She has missed her Be-Be.  At one point she said, “ ga-ga home.”  She repeated herself a couple of times.  It was so cute!


Tuesday the girls and I went shopping again.  We are now almost done with school shopping.  First day of school outfits – bought.  Lunch boxes, water bottles, back packs – bought.  New tennis shoes – bought.  A million boxes of crayons, markers, pencils and erasers – bought.  They talked me into a new Beta fish – Bubbles Data Turpin.      The girls were able to go swimming.

Last Sunday our Bishop came over for a visit.  He checks in on us occasionally which I think is really nice.  He counseled Jason to take his wife out on a date!  So we did on Tuesday night.  We ate at Los Cucos.  It was wonderful and we ate too much!


Therapy and breathing treatments.  Look at Bell – she should not be able to make noise on that horn, but she can!


Our jungle garden and Jason with his carrot!


Friday we had no nurse so the girls had to ride their bikes to piano lessons.  20 minutes one way in 600 million degree weather.  They were both so red when they walked in the door!  But they did it – I am so proud of them!  Between life and nursing holes, it’s been hit and miss this summer.  Yeah for them! 

That afternoon the girls went to cousin Katie’s birthday party.  Grandma came and picked them up (thank you!).  They had a fun time!  Happy 12th Katie – welcome to Young Women!!

Look at Bella’s knees!!!  We have worked hard on that!IMG_4010IMG_4012

My beautiful Bella!                     

Some friends stopped by.  Bella is so curious about new people


Saturday we joined the throngs of other parents and took our kids to the Children’s Museum.                                    climbing….


Jessi…..some career options:  security guard, police officer, EMTIMG_4056IMG_4069IMG_4075

Joy: driving, and taking a temperature


Sammi loved working in the back!  Joy loved the bread in the store!


Outside at the Flow Works


Checking out the baby chicks and Turtles!


A flower I liked and their puppet show


In the afternoon the girls went to another birthday party.  Lots of swimming this week!

I read a blog yesterday that said if your children read for an hour a day, they  won’t have the brain drain commonly found over the summer.  I lamented because I hadn’t made that a summer requirement.  Then I noticed this and this:                                                                              I think we are good!  

BTW – the series that we are currently enjoying is Septimus Heap.


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