Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Last night sitting around the table, I was studying my girls. They started from the same genetic gene pool, but are four such unique people. I was envisioning them as adults. How different they will be from each other! How I pray that the Light of Christ will still shine in their eyes then as now. I hope they will be friends.

I read this from the Brethren. Good stuff. Been pondering happiness vs. joy vs. contentment vs. real life. No conclusions yet. I do know that while the Gospel doesn’t take away my trials, it makes it possible to get through them. To be perfectly fair and candid, I would have to admit that some of our life’s choices therefore consequences therefore trials have come through living the Gospel and following the promptings of the Holy Spirit. But I also have to admit, that without the Gospel and the Holy Ghost to guide us, we would have headed down very different roads and had much harder trials. So my personal philosophy is to just live the Gospel and allow Heavenly Father to lead. I wonder if when we were born there was a warning sign saying something like this: Please fasten seat belts. Rough ride ahead!

During my walk today, something occurred to me. I was thinking about Bella. What do I write about the most with her? Besides her health, it's love. Then I thought about all the other Moms I know of special needs kids. Their love is what stands out the most. So I pondered on love for a while and was reminded that charity,which is Christ like love, is a gift. What a blessing! A new mother who is exhausted serves her baby because she loves the baby. A special needs mom keeps going, keeps fighting because of love. Hmm... Charity is a great gift that helps me handle my trials. I am grateful.

During my walk today something occurred to me

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