Sunday, July 24, 2011

Boring Days of Summer

It’s the end of July.  It’s hot outside – and humid.  Daddy has been recovering from his surgery.  Everyone else is trying to enjoy their summer with play dates and some swimming.  Jason and the older girls got to see the last Harry Potter movie – they loved it.  They are sad to see the series end.

Hanging out with the family in the living room:


After watching all the practicing going on around here, Joy found this small guitar and turned it into a violin.  Becca decided that this showed enough interest for a real violin lesson – very cute!


Sammi, always creatively brilliant, taught herself to make balloon flowers, dogs, and cats.  A good one dollar invested on my part.  The girls dancing.




Sitting is good for Daddy right now so we have been watching a lot of Monk.


Bella can totally text!   And use a stethoscope.  IMG_3876IMG_3887

Lizzy decided to make a giant popsicle – and Jessi reading to Bella.


Almond pound cake for Miss Earsel.  We have loved having her with us since almost the beginning.  We will miss you Miss Earsel!


Our culinary excitement this week was Lasagna Cupcakes – very fun!

And some water play


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