Sunday, July 03, 2011

Our Week

More of the same – playing, talking on the phone, coloring, playing with friends, being on the computer, having therapy, texting to friends, and starting to gather some school supplies


Watching the wildlife (inside the house – ick!) and playing Apples to Apples (yes, Joy played and often won the round!)


Being productive – 22 jars of raspberry jam and my garden – finally a red tomato!!  Sammi rooted this piece of plant.  She’s going to put it in a pot and we’ll see what happens.



Bella spent Monday at TCH getting tests done.  I had to be sterile to go in one room, so I got to wear the monkey suit which we brought home from Liz to play with.

july 3 011july 3 013IMG_3701

Joy loves the little carts at Kroger – if you see her coming, give her a wide berth.  She’ s fast.  (Has anyone else noticed how expensive food is?  My budget has almost doubled in the groceries category!)  And Becca’s parking job – pretty good.

july 3 015july 3 016

Saturday we enjoyed a Patriotic Breakfast and then cleaned the church.  In the afternoon we got to go to Sammy Rick’s 8th birthday.  Everyone had fun swimming!  Happy birthday Sammy!

july 3 023july 3 025july 3 026july 3 030