Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our Week

4th of July:  We made the table small and played Monopoly on the ipad.IMG_3739IMG_3741

Cute girls – tea time and Joy feeding her baby


Jason wanted proof that he’s not the only one that uses the ipad!  The girls made designs in fondant – it reads “We heart Texas!”IMG_3756IMG_3758

Playing outside in the water and Jason’s Berry Cheesecake


Playing with blocks and jamming to music


The rest of the week:  Sleep overs in the play room


Sammi made Sammi Stew and we played outside IMG_3795IMG_3797IMG_3799IMG_3800

IMG_3801Jessi got this cool sweater-y thing(can’t remember the name – ah!)  Joy has one that my Mom made her, so now it’s cool because she matches Jessi.




Joy’s Stroller came  (two thumbs up from Joy!)  As of July 8th, Bella has now been home for two years!


Remember how we have been playing outside?  Well, the girls have left the water in the pool and so far we have had three dead frogs.  Poor frogs!  We have had a great discussion on temptations, but we have remedied the frog problem – there is now a log for them to escape on.                  Hi world!


Jason’s ribs                                                       Bella has learned how to use these!IMG_3811IMG_3815

We  went swimming

July 10 005July 10 004

We went out to lunch at Taco Cabana.

July 10 010July 10 013July 10 021

My little girls:

July 10 022IMG_3817

Weird bug I found outside.



Since our whole family can’t attend church together, we talk about the services during dinner.  We discuss all the speakers, then Sunday School, Primary, and Young Women.  These are Jessi’s notes.  I consider this one of blessings of our current situation.

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