Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Week After Christmas

Fun of fun, reading, playing, and more playing.

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Cyndi and her family were able to squeeze in a visit with us.

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More playing, puzzles, dress up, and late Christmas presents.

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Joy got a haircut – I almost cried!  Bella went downtown for a shot and some labs.jan 2 110jan 2 117

We redeemed our ice cream gift card.

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New Year’s Eve Gathering at Kathie’s house:

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Those who made it to midnight – photographed by the night nurse who always makes it to midnight!

Lizzy didn’t make it, but she and I enjoyed Sparkling Soda and oysters in the morning.

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On a spiritual note, on Wednesday Becca received her Patriarchal Blessing.  Oh my goodness.  That was probably the most spiritual experience I have ever had!  What a valiant spirit she is!  And Jason and I get to have her.  We are so blessed!

On a side note – I have blogged once a week for an entire year – wow!  That is a lot of posts and a lot of pictures.  But I am grateful for it.  This is my chance to record for my family our lives.  I hope they always know that I love them more than anything!

Happy 2011!!!

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