Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our Week

Linda came over for FHE – and the girls did her hair. LOL.  Our little Lizzy has become an artist.  I guess having sisters drawing all the time has rubbed off on her.  One of her pictures was selected for the KISD rodeo art show.  Wow!  Congrats baby girl.  Then her teacher called and asked if she could display another piece at McDonald’s over here by the house.  Great job Liz!jan 16 004jan 16 010

Becca had finals all week – so she did a lot of studying, but it also meant that she got out early every day.  She was home by 11 AM.  She liked that a lot!                 Each kid in Lizzy’s class had to do a state poster.  Lizzy chose Iowa because that is where Grandma and Grandpa Turpin live.  We had to take a picture so they could see.  See, Grandma and Grandpa?

 jan 16 015jan 16 016

Our sweet little girls playing around.  And Jason finally found a recipe that he has been searching for.  It was a memory from his childhood.  It’s a chocolate log that you slice and it looks like a stained glass window because of the multi colored marshmallows in it.  He was a happy man. 

jan 16 017jan 16 018jan 16 019

Bella went to the GI doctor and Sammi and Joy went to the dentist for get some cavities filled.  Sammi hated the feeling of the swollen lip/tongue/mouth, so we stopped and bought chocolate frozen custard.  Yummy

jan 16 025jan 16 031jan 16 032

Tuesday night Kris received her endowments.  Jason and I were able to go and be there for that.  That was great!  The last time we were in the temple together was for Bella’s sealing.

jan 16 030

jan 16 043Friday morning was the wedding of Jacob Ward and Kris Alley.  I loved being there!  Becca  keeps telling me only about five more years and it’ll be her in the temple.  Wow!  Kris was a beautiful bride.  We love you Kris!

Us at the wedding reception.  Congratulation Mr. and Mrs. Ward!!  The kids told me that they want their receptions exactly like Kris’s.

jan 16 035jan 16 038jan 16 041jan 16 044jan 16 045