Sunday, January 09, 2011

Back to Life

jan 9 115

I have to admit that I was a little big worried that after two weeks, I might struggle fitting back into my busy life.  12 therapies, 2 doctors appointments, plus all the normal stuff.  But we did it.  I took a picture of my schedule so that one day I will be able to look back and remember what it’s like to be here today.

jan 9 011Me snuggling on the couch with my two babies.  Bella has been doing so well lately – I pray that it will continue.  She loves being a bigger part of the family.

Monday for FHE we went up to the hospital and got to meet the newest member of the Howard family.  She is beautiful!  Congratulations Jon and Shasta and thanks for letting us meet her when she was so new and fresh from heaven.jan 9 064jan 9 068jan 9 072jan 9 065

Earlier that day Jessi had a Girl Scout meeting where she was officially pinned and she got her first badges that she had earned.

jan 9 019jan 9 023jan 9 030jan 9 037

Tuesday Joy went to the ENT where we learned that she can’t hear a darn thing out of her right ear.  Hopefully some antibiotics will clear up the ear infection in there.  The doc would like to do a sedated ABR – icky.  And Lizzy got to bring home her poster from school.  She was the Student of the Week the week before the holidays.  Yeah.

jan 9 078jan 9 041

Kris stopped by on her way to her interview with the Stake President and Jessi gave her this cake she made for Kris’s 21st birthday.  That is a colorful snake made from fondant.  Happy birthday Kris!

jan 9 049jan 9 050

Becca always tells me that I should just let the girls walk home by themselves.  But what she doesn’t know is that I cherish that five minutes I have with the girls and their friends as we walk and talk about their day and then have afternoon snack.  One day, when Bec is a Mama, she’ll get it. Winking smile

jan 9 081jan 9 052

Linda made it back to Texas!  She is home again.  We are excited she is here.  (and I am embarrassed by all the clothes on the couch!)

jan 9 054jan 9 093

Becca’s glasses came in.  And they work!!  They do exactly what they are supposed to do.  They help her eyes to see the words.  Her eyes aren’t jumping all over anymore looking for where they are supposed to be.  She can read, comfortably.  This is a miracle in my book.  I am grateful!


Saturday the girls played two basketball games.  They won both games, but more importantly, they had fun.  I am so glad.  On Wednesday night they had basketball practice for mutual.  Sammi had a nose bleed and then got hit in the head.  She tried to be brave, but it was too much and she broke down.  She did not want to go to the game, but went, and thank goodness, had fun.  Joy enjoyed herself too!

jan 9 095jan 9 097

After the basketball games, and the get to know your teacher Primary activity and Jason helping to move Linda in, we went over to the little Fine Art Museum by our library.  It’s really small, but we really enjoyed it a lot.  It was Family Day which means in addition to the exhibits there are also art projects for the kids.  They did leaf prints and an art project modeled after one of the exhibits there.  Very fun!jan 9 099jan 9 101jan 9 103jan 9 109jan 9 112jan 9 113

Living shots – love the reading one!  And crazy Lizard.  She is always doing cartwheels, but why I took this picture is look at her hands.  She put her flip flops on her hands to protect them – smart girl!

jan 9 048jan 9 090jan 9 058

Some men bring their wives flowers.  Mine brings me chocolate.   I think he knows me.  Smile He stopped at a Retro candy store and found this!


This week’s musings:

  • I was able to talk with an 18 year old who is pregnant.   We talked about a subject near and dear to my heart: adoption.  I wish with all my heart that girls and women that are in a crisis pregnancy would stop and think – and think about their baby.  What is best for the baby?  This is selfless love.  I don’t know if she will place, but the idea is there.  That’s all I can do.  I hope the best for her and especially for her innocent babe.
  • Lizzy was early for Fitness Club this week.  Everything that Lizzy does, she does with her whole soul.  She is a good student, a great athlete, a wonderful piano player, and a sweet daughter.  She ran with all of her energy and determination to the door for Fitness Club and found it locked.  She looked around – no teachers, no other students – and her face fell.  ( I was watching on my rearview mirror.)  And she came running back to me.  She was so sad, so disappointed.  I comforted her.  She sat with me for a little while until some others came and then she happily ran back to begin her day with exercise – and I thought how grateful I was for her and how much I love her.  Instead of just dropping her off, I felt like I needed to stay and make sure she got in safely.  What if I hadn’t?  What if she had turned around and all she saw was the van pulling out of the parking lot?  Then I thought how Heavenly Father must look down and watch us.  I wonder if I can be there for more of His children when they realize that the door is locked figuratively, when all they need is reassurance, and then they can go on back to their lives happy and ready to face whatever is next.  Hmmm.
  • and finally, my sweet Sammi suffers a great deal from anxiety.  We manage it mainly through talking and figuring out what might happen and how we could handle it.  Girl’s Camp is coming up this summer – and I can’t go.  Not with Bella.  She is VERY anxious about it.   We are spending a lot of time talking and praying and preparing and she may not go.  If she isn’t ready, she isn’t ready.  She can go next year.  I stopped by our Stake YW’s house, who happens to be Sammi’s piano teacher to ask her some questions about camp (preparation for Sammi is half the battle) and talk with her.  We discussed my feelings and concerns(Sammi was in the car).  Then I left and Sammi had her piano lesson.  Later that day during lunch we talked again about camp – and Sammi looked at me with perfect faith and told me that Sister Mc (her piano teacher and Stake YW President) had told her that if she needed anything, she would be there and she would help her.  That day she went from “I don’t think I can go” to “I think I can do this.”  Why?  Because someone was going to be there.  Someone would have her back.

Point?  We are here on earth to progress and return to our Heavenly Father.  But there is so much more to it!!  All of our brothers and sisters around us.  “Mankind should have been my business” has been on my mind lately.  We are here.  So are they.  I’m not eloquent – that is one thing I hope for in the resurrection, the ability to finally put my thoughts into words.  We are here to save ourselves and to help those around us.  I am grateful for families that help us in our journey back home.  And my mind is beginning to expand and see all of the wonderful people around us that also help us to get home – those that we help and those that help us.  What a blessing!

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