Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another Week

On Sunday we made doughnuts and then went to Lizzy’s “It’s Great to be Eight” activity at church.  They explained how baptisms are handled in our ward.  They also gave Lizzy a pair of white socks with a cute poem about making covenants.  Lizzy is so excited to be baptized!


Sammi was sick on Monday.  Here she is hanging out with Joy.  And our Bella girl.  She was sick on Monday too.  Other than this second, she was crying all day long.


Family Home Evening was about baptism (again).  Only two more FHEs till Lizzy’s big day!      An adorable picture of my Bella Boo!


Jessi got a Certificate of Merit for her artwork.  After all the recognition that Lizzy has been getting, this made Jessi very happy.  Jumping on the trampoline!!


Our expensive excitement for the week.  On Wednesday on the way to preschool, the van just died at a red light.  Being stuck was not fun.  I came up with a new mantra.  “It is better to help than to honk.”  Half an hour later, the tow truck got there and towed us off to the auto repair place.  Fuel  pump – bummer.  Oh well, since it was in there, they looked around and we fixed a couple of  other things.  Grand total : $2400 and a car that is in top working condition.  That is a good thing.

jan 30 001jan 30 002

Playing around:

IMG_0565 - CopyIMG_0569 - Copy

Becca working on her quilt – and it all laid out (except the bottom yellow strip)IMG_0571 - CopyIMG_0572 - CopyIMG_0574 - Copy

Playing outside:


Coloring and working with clay:


We had a busy Saturday.  The girls had a basketball game while the rest of us were cleaning the church.  Then the middle two got to attend Stake Primary Activity Day’s “Happily Ever After.”  They had a wonderful time.  Lizzy was so excited – it was her first Activity Day activity.

jan 30 008jan 30 007

Then in the afternoon, Becca went babysitting and Katie came over and we made something I have been wanting – a raised garden bed and a square foot garden!  Yeah – I’m excited!  Now we have to order our soil.  I am looking forward to our garden this year!  Jason still had energy to make us Chinese for dinner.  Yeah!  Of course, the kids still had plenty of energy for the trampoline, even in the dark!


jan 30 010



Lizzy had a piece of art chosen for display at our local McDonald’s.  She was thrilled.  She also received a certificate for a free hamburger – which we redeemed on Saturday.  One happy girl!

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