Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Food

Since the Turpins moved to Iowa, we have to fill our Christmas Day that we would traditionally spend with them.  (Notice Grandma and Grandpa we are keeping it open for when you come home!  :) )  Last year we made tamales – very yummy!  This year Jason made sushi and I made Chocolate Celebration Cake.  SO yummy!  Jason made four different rolls.  They were so 136 christmas 131 christmas 138 christmas 140christmas 139  christmas 142 christmas 146 christmas 147

Yes, I am holding Miss Bella in that picture – we had so much fun with her on Christmas Day!

Christmas 210 Christmas 213


OPA said...

Looks Yummy!!!!! Glad you are keeping it open. We are thinking next year we might stay home in Iowa. We will welcome any visitors that might want to test the frozen tundra of the north.

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