Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve

For our Christmas Eve Gathering, we do a few little skits.  This year our family did a puppet show.  Here we are making the 008 christmas 009

It was a fun day.  We had to make sure Bella got included!  We brought her into the party after everybody ate.  I love this picture!  The kids are dancing and singing with Beth - “I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas!”.  It was on the radio!

christmas 041  christmas 015

Some great pictures from the evening:

christmas 023 christmas 024 christmas 034christmas 025

The Balls/Auble masterpiece was “Jingle Bells” – played by Nathan on the piano with handbells by the rest of the group.   Then Mandy played “Jolly Ole Saint Nicholas.”   I have no picture, because I was taking pictures for them on Kathie’s camera.  For the Leavitt contribution, Katherine read us the story of the candy cane.  Then the Turpins got a little carried away.  We did a puppet show of the Nativity, then Jessi wanted to read the story about the Wise Men, then we watched Disney’s “Prep and Landing.”  We had fun!

christmas 027 christmas 031  christmas 033 christmas 035  christmas 032



I had to include this picture. 

After all it is really all about the birth of one very special baby.  :)




And then onto presents and new PJ’s.

christmas 043 christmas 046 christmas 049 christmas 051christmas 050  christmas 053 christmas 054christmas 021

We had more than enough food, as usual.  We had appetizers and dinner and too much dessert.  The big hit of the night, though, was the lobster bisque – imagine chunks of lobster floating in butter and cream and you are pretty much there.  It was so yummy!  I love this picture – look at Becca’s face!  :)  Beth stayed afterwards and watched Lizzy’s newest Barbie movie with her.  Thanks Beth!

 christmas 065 christmas 069 christmas 070


Dallas was able to stop in.

We loved seeing you Dallas!

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