Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Finishing up the School Year


The girls had their Christmas parties at school.  Lizzy brought home this cute gingerbread house she made.  She is so proud of it!dec 16 013

 dec15 002 


At Sammi’s school they had a Greek Festival complete with lunch on the floor (with pillows), a Greek dance, and Sammi’s theater arts class performed.  She had so much fun!





Our nurse, Ann, had a birthday so Sammi made her a cake.  What a big heart you have Sammi!

Bella 002

dec 22 009


Becca had her Winter Concert in Orchestra.  This video is of one of their songs.  She is doing so well!








Some sisterly love……

dec 22 011 dec 22 012

dec 22 023


And then, sadly, our friends down the street moved to Utah this weekend.  We will miss y’all so much!  Sister Buker took the little girls to and from school every morning.  We sat next to them in Sunday School.  And their daughter, Amy, was Sammi’s dearest friend.  They were the friends that knew we couldn’t come to their house because of Bella.  They would come here for homemade pizza and a movie.  Y’all will be missed!

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