Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas in Tomball and Magnolia

Saturday afternoon we meet Grandma, Grandpa, Nathan, and Mandy for some small town fun!

At the Tomball Library, they had a Christmas program and Santa came to visit.  I love Christmas music.  People stand and sing praises to the Savior.  The lyrics to the Christmas songs are praise and worship.  They are beautiful!  And everyone sings them.  It’s a small glimpse for me to how the millennium will be when everyone will acknowledge Him.

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Magnolia had activities for the kids.  They loved the fake snow!  :)dec 13 063 dec 13 068 dec 13 071 dec 13 072 dec 13 073

Playing the hand bells at Grandma’s house.

dec 13 078 dec 13 081

It was cold and rainy.  Everyone, except me, thought that made it feel more like Christmas.

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