Thursday, January 15, 2009

Observations from the Airport

Tonight Jason and I ate dinner at Houston Intercontinental Airport before flying out to sunny Southern California.  I haven’t flown since we went to California in 2007 to pick up baby Joy.  You could rightly say that I am not a big traveler.  I am very content to stay in my little bubble and live my life there.  As the girls and I study world geography and culture, there are many things I would like to see and experience, but truthfully, I’m OK seeing the sights from the safety of our home PC as I show the kids pictures and videos from around the world.   You could also say I’m not exactly up with the times.  It still looks (and sounds) funny to me to see grown men and women standing around talking to themselves on their bluetooths. 

I looked around the dining area tonight in terminal A and watched a handful of people eating their dinners and talking busily to someone on their phones.  I noticed a little bird, maybe a small sparrow, perched on the back of a chair.  He sat right next to a man who was oblivious to his little presence.  The man talked on and on about whatever and the bird fluffed himself up and then flew to the back of the man’s chair!  He sat there for a while, then flew to another table.  The man on the phone never saw him.  He missed out on something.  I wonder if I see in my life.  Just ramblings from a woman stuck in an airplane!  :)

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