Saturday, January 17, 2009

Newport Beach Temple

temple and arabella 2 029Jason and I drove over to Newport Beach this morning to see the Newport Beach Temple.  It is one of the smaller temples that is adjacent to the stake center.  I had never seen that layout before.  It is very beautiful.  I wonder if it changes how the Saints feel and act at their building knowing the temple is so near by.

 temple and arabella 2 006 This is the Stake Center, followed by the temple and the driveway that separates them.  It’s really great.  You drive down and turn right to go to the temple or left to go to the Stake Center.  (The picture was taken from the bottom of the driveway.)  I was very proud of the Saints – the parking lot on the temple side was full!

temple and arabella 2 008 temple and arabella 2 031

Thinking as I always am about Young Women, I marveled at the opportunities this presented to teach about the importance of temples and temple covenants and marriage.  There is a sidewalk connecting the two buildings.  On the temple side, there is a short circular wall.  I imagined YW lessons being taught right there.  Just beautiful!

temple and arabella 2 004 temple and arabella 2 010

Jason and I at the temple.  We had to use the timer to get these pictures, so Jason would hit the button and then run over.  But here we are at the temple.

 temple and arabella 2 020temple and arabella 2 023

The front of the temple.  Over the door is a sculpture/relief (not sure what the word is) of Christ and some of his disciples.

It was beautiful here.  The grounds were lovely.  What a blessing to have temples dot the earth!



For Becca: flower pictures from the temple:

temple and arabella 2 011 temple and arabella 2 016


temple and arabella 2 017

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OPA said...

Mom and I went to the Open House just before the end of our Mission.
It has an interesting history. The saints in Orange County wanted a Temple. President Hinckley said, ok, come up with the money and we will build one. They had the money within a very short period of time. There was heavy opposition from the neighborhood across the street. They petitioned the city council three times to lower the height of the steeple. The first two times the city council agreed and the church complied. The third time, the city council said no, and that if they petitioned again, the city council would allow the church to go back to the original height. The opposition ceased. One of the Missionary Couples we work with in Nauvoo is from that area, and he told me that it is now one of the most utilized Temples in the entire church. I am glad you got to visit it.