Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Yesterday my Mom and Asia went down to Galveston.  I am hoping that the girls will post about it.

Today Jason and I drove over to Laguna Beach.  It is absolutely beautiful there.

Laguna Beach jan 20 003 Laguna Beach jan 20 004



Laguna Beach jan 20 011

I love this picture of Jason.  A wave had just hit him.  The water in the Pacific Ocean is cold!  This is a fun shot – it’s our footprints in the sand.

Laguna Beach jan 20 014

The two of us against a backdrop of the coast of California.Laguna Beach jan 20 026 Laguna Beach jan 20 030

These are just fun.  There are tide pools – real tide pools.  I’ve never been able to find one in Galveston.  The kids would have loved it!  I imagined Sammi and Lizzy all over these rocks!

Laguna Beach jan 20 031

And then there was this tunnel through a rock outcropping – so fun.  I wish y’all had been there!

I have heard before about people talking about the roar of the waves – the Pacific Ocean makes some loud waves!

And finally a little clip of me walking on the beach.  In my head, sand is soft.  The sand here hurts.  The soles of my feet have never been so soft!

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