Thursday, January 22, 2009

Laguna Beach 2.0

Today Michele, Octavia, and I meet down at Laguna Beach at 8:30.  We played and investigated the beach.  It was so much fun. I miss my girls.  They would have loved to climb over all the rocks and explore the tide pools.  Look, girls, that is a real board walk – not a fallen fence on the sand.  :)Arabella Jan 2 003 Arabella Jan 2 007

All water runs to the ocean – here I actually saw it – the pigeons were bathing in it.  The beach is just so pretty!

Arabella Jan 2 009 Arabella Jan 2 010

People say that Sammi is active and loves to explore and climb on things.  Well, I have to admit something.  She got that from me!  I couldn’t stand it anymore and went and climbed all over these rocks.  It was so much fun!  The water kept coming up at least half way on these two pictures.  Arabella Jan 2 018

Arabella Jan 2 019Arabella Jan 2 029 Then the picture on the left is looking down into a gully.  It was so fun!



Arabella Jan 2 030




Becca will appreciate this flower.  Isn’t the symmetry wonderful?



Arabella Jan 2 011 I am ashamed to admit that I had an idea in my head of the typical Californian – not counting those involved in the movie industry.   I have been guiltily surprised to find that normal people live in beautiful Southern California.  There are the same number of trucks and SUVs in sunny California as in the great state of Texas. People use water bottles.  There are WalMarts here.   But then Michele and I ran across this group.  I decided to guiltily take this picture so we can proliferate the stereotype. (I feel guilt)

 Arabella Jan 2 016  

And finally, Octavia’s mussel shell family.  See the Daddy, the Mommy, and the baby?

I miss you girls.  I can’t wait to hold you all.  I love you Becca.  I love you Sammi.  I love you Jessi.  I love you Lizzy.  I love you Joy!

Love, Mama

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