Tuesday, June 18, 2019

The quiet old lady...

So how am I doing with just me and the boys at home?  Pretty good.

Turpins still came over for Sunday dinner, which was incredibly awesome, by the way.  Sunday night Alex’s new ESY teacher and I talked about all things Alex (thank you Ms Moss! This Mama was about to have kittens!). Monday Kai and I ran errands, WalMart, Dentist, Bank, Haircut, UPS store, and library. Why do I record that? Because that’s a LOT of transitions for this guy - and he was awesome! Tuesday both boys went to school. KSB is having a one week STEM camp and a spot opened up for Kai.

So how’s Alex? Doing well. Kinda waiting for the next shoe to drop. He’s had two episodes since Sunday, but nothing I would swear was a seizure!  Sunday we doubled his new med. Behavior wise - not screaming as much.  At drop off the bus ladies said he wasn’t screaming. He was kinda quiet, they said. My Alex?  And tonight during story time, I witnessed a miracle!!  Every night we read Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. And every night we pause at the line, “and the quiet old lady whispering.......”. (The next word is hush for those of you don’t have this book memorized.)  I wait and Jason or Kai will say, “hush” and then I’ll keep reading.  TONIGHT I paused as normal and Kai said, "hush,” and ALEX SAID “Shhhh!”  I almost cried!  A verbalization!!  I don’t know how long this new drug will work for Alex, (we get used to drugs and have to shake things up) but I am SO GRATEFUL that right now he is a little calmer, no big seizures, and a verbalization!! I will take it gladly!!

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