Wednesday, June 19, 2019


On the way to drop off Kai to school, a song was playing on the radio that reminded me that this life is temporary, a test.  That I'm hoping one day to sit down with my Father and for Him to tell me, "Well done."

I was grateful to hear that song today.  This morning before the bus picked up Alex at 6:45 AM, I had already steam cleaned a quarter of the main floor of my house, and then finished cleaning up after he left.  Sigh.  Kai even agreed - "Stink!" But that song reminds me of where my perspective should be.

So today I am so grateful for washing machines - we don't have to wash laundry by hand anymore!
Sprays and powders that add a different smell to the laundry and room!  Steam cleaners!  Essential oils! That I only have carpet on my stairs, and that we got the good carpet that cleans up well!  And for the knowledge that while this is our sweet Alex now, it won't always be.  He is a sweet, funny boy in a body with a brain that works quite differently right now.  One day that brain will be perfect!  (from my reading last night in Mosiah 16) Until then, I cherish the boy I have.  Love ya, Alex.

Today I heard this song:

The line that jumped out to me was "You guard my soul."  I was just struck.  One of my daughters is annoyed that the answer to all of the questions we ask her during Family Scripture Study or at church are always the same - read your scriptures, say your prayers, go to church, blah, blah, blah.  But that line, you guard my soul, reminds me that as we do those basic Gospel principles we put ourselves in a position for the Lord to have influence in our lives (again a principle from Mosiah 16).  What a comfort!  What a blessing!  Life happens.  Trials come. But He will walk with us and hold us if we allow Him to, and part of that is doing those things that invite Him to be with us.  Grateful for those days that I chose to follow Him, and He guards my soul.

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