Thursday, June 13, 2019

The gift of being understood

I can't tell you how many diapers Alex took off today or how many showers he had or times we had to clean up the floor after him.  But there were some choice moments today - like at bedtime when his face was content.  

Today Alex resumed OT.  He only does private OT during the summer.  During the rest of the year, he receives OT through school.  I loved hearing the progress the OT noted he has made since last summer - waits better, transitions better, attends better.  Wahoo Alex!

It was so nice to talk with her.  With Alex, I stay during therapy instead of waiting in the waiting room.  Besides we needed to catch up on his medical history and the drugs he's taking.  But the part I love is in private therapy, it's about Alex - his whole life - not just the academic side of things.  So we talked about his appointments, his drugs, his upcoming tests.  We talked about the holes in my drywall, about the showers, about what the doctors have said to me. I verbalized some things I only think about.  I talked.  She listened - and understood.  No, she doesn't have her own Alex running around.  But this is what she has done for years and years.  She has walked this path with other mothers and other Alexs.  What a relief, what a blessing to talk to someone who doesn't bat an eye when you talk about poop and strange behaviors. Someone who offers suggestions that might help the family as a whole.

Alex loved therapy today.  He swang.  He threw balls of varying weights (he LOVES the impossibly heavy one). He got deep pressure squeezes from me.  He waited and transitioned.  And I came away with the same load, but a lighter heart.  I am so grateful we have therapy!!

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