Sunday, August 09, 2015

Life Around Here

Sammi has been fascinated with pioneers and living off the land lately.  So she ordered a dress.  She looks so authentic!  We are planning on heading to Williamsburg, VA for Spring Break in 2016.  She’ll fit right in with that dress!  Joy and Bella thought it must be Halloween  - so they decided to dress up too!  A ballerina and a pirate.  (Her hat is a pair of tights, too cute!)


Kammerer Registration – Picking up her schedule and buying uniform shirts.


Off to the dentist with this guy – No cavities!!  She was so impressed with his teeth for a 27 weeker!  And she totally understands the need for his binky – bless her.





Registration at the High School.  Sammi took Jessi all around and showed her where everything is.  We picked up schedules, took care of fees, signed up for clubs (Bowling (!!!) and Best Buddies), and bought Easter HS paraphilia.  Sammi found her counselor and gave her a big hug.  She is so excited that Sammi is coming back to EHS this year!





Bella had a dietician appointment down in Shelbyville.  We noticed a Japanese Restaurant next to the hospital and stopped in.  Sammi was in love!!


We went out and bought a bunch of cool clothes. High School here we come!  We found this t-shirt for Becca (it’s from Big Hero 6 and says “Hairy Baby.” Hairy Baby is her nickname for her cat.)


Dentist – somehow over the past year, my oldest five children’s teeth have all rotted out.  Lots of dentist visits in our future!  So sad!


We meet again with our financial planner.  We have about two more meetings between the lawyer and the planner and then we’ll be all set.  A long process!  Afterwards Jessi, Jason and I went out for Mediterranean. 


These pictures just cracked me up – hand Joy a marker in therapy and she automatically makes “straight line down,” so we are trying to expand her repertoire!  Too much therapy syndrome :)

And this blurry photo – it says 0.0.  I have nothing but respect for people who run marathons, but it is not my thing.  I saw this photo and laughed.  Jessi and I think we should get one!


Little Miss woke up on Sunday and wouldn’t use her left leg.  This always scares me.  Leukemia and memories of bone cancer fill my head and heart with dread.  Since it was Sunday, our only option was the ER.  6 x-rays showed nothing. Blood showed no signs of infection or inflammation, and her CBC showed no signs of Leukemia.   Not sure what it was.  But by Wednesday, she was walking again.  I was so relieved.  I was reminded of Ember, who was fine, then stopped walking and died from cancer shortly later leaving a gaping hole in her family circle.  Life is so fleeting.  Grateful she is up and walking again.


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