Saturday, August 29, 2015


I got a job!  Support Specialist is the new term for Secretary.  I was online at and came across their job postings and saw one in Louisville.  I thought, why not? Basically, it’s everything I ever did as a YW Secretary, except now would get paid to do it!  I applied.  I had two interviews, then a typing, Word, and Excel test.  And they offered me the job!  I couldn't believe it!  It’s fun. I only work 18 hours a week.  I work with fantastic people.  The hours are flexible.  I leave the house after Alex is on the bus and I’m home before the big girls get here. This is my official work picture that pulls up next to my official church email.  Kinda crazy! 

IMAG0206IMG_4832 (640x427)

Joy had some dental work done in the hospital.


We are finally getting a fence!  Which means wire for the back fence so Husky can’t run away anymore.  He loved to chase the rabbits and birds, but Highway 146 is on the other side of those trees.  We don’t want him to get hurt!


My roses are gorgeous!


I love this – Joy playing outside with the neighborhood kids!


For Mutual, the YW preformed at a Nursing Home. 


Souvenirs from the State Fair


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