Saturday, August 01, 2015

Indianapolis Indiana Temple Open House

We meet up with the Turpins in Indianapolis for the temple open house – It is beautiful!

We brought Bella’s wheelchair, held Brother and brought Joy’s wheelchair. My sister was supposed to come down to Louisville and spend the weekend with us.  That didn’t work out (sad).  They were going to go with us to the open house.  She asked me later how it went.  It was wonderful! and it was crazy!  My little ones don’t see the significance of buildings and places.  Joy was very patient, but by the end, she was done.  We got to the last room on the tour – a sealing room – and Joy bolted from her wheelchair and climbed up on top of the alter before anyone could grab her.  Die!  Oh well!  Who knows, maybe she remembers the temple and our three sealings of little ones to our family.  I am grateful for temples and for families!  I am grateful for Priesthood Power that can seal families for all eternity! I am grateful for my Savior who makes all things possible for us!


They had a tent for questions and further displays.  They had samples of all of the materials – the granite, the stone, the moldings.  It was perfect for Brother to be able to touch and experience the temple too!


Afterwards, we went to Red Robin. – Yum! But we are a big group! Smile


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