Saturday, January 24, 2015

Our Week

Monday we had no school!  It was also a beautiful day!  We had fun!

Bella played the violin (backwards), Lizzy had a friend from church over, I made everyone go outside!, we made cookies!  It was a great day!

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Brother LOVES his music toys!      Real clothes – you do well on tests, you don’t have to wear your uniform to school.

2015-01-21 jan 23 0012015-01-23 jan 23 001

Teacher sent home some pictures from school.  Joy thinks they are awesome and she always tries to show Brother.  I haven’t figured out yet how to explain to her that he is blind.  She just doesn’t get what I am saying.  So she keeps trying to show him things.

 2015-01-23 jan 23 0022015-01-23 jan 23 003

Sammi made this sculpture in art.

2015-01-23 jan 23 0042015-01-23 jan 23 006

OT is trying to use theraputic listening with Alex.  We used it with the girls in Houston.  But with Alex, you have to get him really comfortable so he won’t bother those head phones!

Sammi made us a Boston Cream Pie for FHE.  That is a two day process.  It was yummy!

2015-01-19 jan 29 0012015-01-19 jan 29 0042015-01-19 jan 29 006

Brother and the light box at school

2015-01-20 jan 29 0022015-01-20 jan 29 003

Tuesday Sammi had a doctor’s appointment, so since she would have an excused absence we made a day of it!  We saw the doctor, we went shopping, and we grabbed Dad and had lunch at Subway.  Sammi had won a gift card for one of her pieces of art in an art contest.  Way to go Sam!

2015-01-20 jan 29 0042015-01-20 jan 29 010

Louisville is where the Canadian Geese winter.  They are everywhere!2015-01-19 jan 29 0032015-01-20 jan 29 0052015-01-20 jan 29 0082015-01-20 jan 29 009

Brother stayed after school at their after hours care so I could go to the doctor.  (Something I haven’t done in five years! oops!)  It was weird to try and remember my medical history. Usually I’m talking about the kids.  I had to stop and think about what am I allergic to. Have I ever had any surgeries.  Funny!

Lizzy was so proud of herself for braiding her own hair.

My two cute girls after YW!

2015-01-20 jan 29 0122015-01-20 jan 29 0132015-01-20 jan 29 014

Alex’s art work

2015-01-22 jan 29 0012015-01-22 jan 29 002

Liz got a new case for her viola, very nice!  Jessi wearing real clothes to school!  Way to be so smart Jessi!

2015-01-22 jan 29 0062015-01-22 jan 29 007

The girls' therapy sessions:

Waiting so patiently,                                    love Bella’s little mouth (so cute)

2015-01-23 jan 29 0022015-01-23 jan 29 0032015-01-23 jan 29 007

Brother is just along for the ride (literally)                  

2015-01-23 jan 29 0082015-01-23 jan 29 011

Bella loves the bike, but this was Joy’s first time on it.  She was in heaven!

2015-01-23 jan 29 0122015-01-23 jan 29 014

And then Friday it snowed – big, fat, wet flakes.  Perfect for building a snow man!  So the girls did.  It was so cute!  They were so excited!

2015-01-23 jan 29 0222015-01-23 jan 29 034

2015-01-23 jan 23 0082015-01-23 jan 23 0102015-01-23 jan 23 0112015-01-23 jan 23 0142015-01-23 jan 29 0362015-01-23 jan 23 013

Jason and I went out to dinner in this crazy snow!  It sure is pretty, but made me nervous, so we stayed close and went to the Tex-Mex around the corner.  Fajitas!

2015-01-23 jan 29 0252015-01-23 jan 29 0282015-01-23 jan 29 029IMG_3277IMG_3278

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