Thursday, January 08, 2015

Alex’s latest….

Alex started school four days a week this week!!  Other than the fact that it’s 1 degree outside and it’s a one hour round trip (so two hours a day for a three hour program), I am so thrilled!  He loves school! They love him! I love them! It’s all wonderful!

Look at my big boy!! Isn’t that awesome!  I LOVE IT!!! O&M works with him every day. It’s fantastic!

Alex walking

And he loves the sensory room.  They took this picture in the balls. They can pipe music into the container – he loves it!

Alex in the balls

I wanted to share two huge new developments:

1. At school, usually he just walks right in and pays no attention whatsoever to me, but this week, he has walked in, taken a few steps, and then come back and touched me (I'm so excited!) and

2. He was walking around with his honey bear (enclosed container with a straw to drink from). It was empty and he threw it at my feet. So I praised him and filled it up with water (I was thrilled).  Now he hasn’t repeated this, but he did it once, so I know it’s in his head!

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