Sunday, January 04, 2015

And so the year begins…

Lizzy was getting ready to go back tomorrow and found this in her backpack.  Congrats babe! 2015-01-04 Jan 4 001

Jason is trying hard to be healthy. No more white rice or pasta, no sugar. Now more nuts, stevia.  Here’s to good health in 2015!

2015-01-03 Jan 3 002

Becca is so happy that her hair is now long enough (BARELY) to be french braided again.  Her goal is a pony tail for Cheer.

2015-01-03 Jan 3 003

FINALLY!!! This is finished!  During General Conference back in April, the idea for this came to me. I had the vinyl done, but then we were moving and it was a piece of paper carefully protected and moved across the country.  Jason bought me a board, I painted it, he screwed the hanging kit in, and viola!  It is finished!  Yeah!!

2015-01-03 Jan 3 004

These two playing a reading computer game.  I love that they love to be together!

2015-01-03 Jan 3 005

Lizzy added more purple to her room.  Duck tape accents.

2015-01-03 Jan 3 0072015-01-03 Jan 3 008

Miss Bella – she was so proud of her hat and the purse on her left arm! Silly, crazy girl!

2015-01-03 Jan 3 010

Jason and the bigs meet up with Miss Amy (from Camp for Courageous Kids) for some bowling!  They had a great time, but it looks like Jason blew them out of the water!


The little girls all dressed up for church.  They are so cute!

Joy has a new helper for the year.  She did so well in Primary today – YEAH!

2015-01-04 Jan 4 003

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