Monday, January 12, 2015

Our Week

Doctor ordered that Bella start receiving a tube feeding at school.  So after completing all of that fun school paperwork, I needed to go to school and train them on how to do it!  Technically, her teacher and aids will receive training from the district and the nurse can do it, but we all wanted me to show them how we do it and so Bella would feel better about it.  So I brought up all of the supplies.  I made Bella a social story entitled “Bella Eats at School” about eating with her friends and then getting a feeding.  She is so very defensive of her button that there was a lot of “No owie.” in her story.  I needed a couple of pictures of her eating with her friends, so I was allowed to go in the cafeteria and see them.  They get so excited when I’m at school!  She cried the first time we did it (3rd pic), but the next day she was fine.  Teacher said that after hearing her story, she lifted her shirt right up to be plugged in.  So grateful!

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Cuteness on the school bulletin board.    I got a hair cut!

2015-01-05 2015-01-05 002 0122015-01-05 2015-01-05 002 004

When it’s cold, there are some things that are just so much more awesome than normal – tomato soup and grilled cheese, for one!

Loved seeing this!

2015-01-05 Jan 11 0012015-01-05 Jan 11 002

Sunsets have been beautiful!

2015-01-05 Jan 11 004

Family Home Evening game on unity – so funny!

2015-01-05 Jan 11 005

2015-01-05 Jan 11 0072015-01-05 Jan 11 009

Therapy – she seriously loves this bike!  I just love that second pic!  And the tread mill, she just looks like such a little person!

2015-01-06 jan 11 0012015-01-06 jan 11 0062015-01-06 jan 11 007

OT for Brother.  Therapeutic listening.  She did so much to get him to keep those head phones on!  He LOVES the swing.  And ST and whistles – no problem!  Bella was there, she had to get in on the selfie action!

2015-01-06 jan 11 0042015-01-06 jan 11 0082015-01-06 jan 11 0092015-01-06 jan 11 0102015-01-06 jan 11 012

Talked Liz into letting Bella use her bow for a little bit.  Bella LOVES the violin!

2015-01-06 Jan 11 020

Have I mentioned it has been cold – like COLD?  Yeah, and this girl really wants to walk the Walking Bridge to Indiana.  Let’s not.  Let’s do that on Spring Break!  Let’s get ice cream instead.  The Comfy Cow and it’s Salted Caramel Ice Cream delighted her!

2015-01-07 jan 11 0012015-01-07 jan 11 002

Alex is now attending school four days a week!  Excited for that!  Tuesday was his big evaluation for JCPS.  Everyone was really nice, expect the TVI.  I really don’t know what her problem was.  I have never meet a mean or rude TVI, until now.  I finally had to ask her if she was trying to prove all of his eye specialists liars.  She was horrible.  Afterwards I asked Becca if I was out of line, cause I do have a tendency to be a Mama Bear, but she agreed that the TVI was just rude and pushy.  Thankfully she doesn’t work with Brother, ever.  His big meeting for placement with JCPS is in February.

2015-01-05 2015-01-05 002 0032015-01-07 jan 11 003

Becca and I enjoyed making one pot pasta lunches – so yummy! She said she might even just have a bunch of different one pot dinners at her wedding reception one day. LOL They are yummy!

2015-01-07 jan 11 0052015-01-07 jan 11 004

These are Brother’s two favorite toys right now.  He just loves music! 

And Joy (terrible pic) she was using the violin as a guitar and singing and singing, so cute!

2015-01-07 jan 11 0102015-01-08 jan 11 001

There is beauty in the winter and I’m trying to notice it.  If we are honest, I stay in my house unless I have to leave it.  But there is a stillness to a frozen lake, a quietness to the black silhouettes of trees as the sun rises, and a master plan to ice crystals.  There is beauty even in the cold of winter.

2015-01-09 jan 11 0022015-01-05 2015-01-05 002 0022015-01-08 jan 11 003

Because of her Distinguished on her exams in Sixth Grade, Lizzy got to wear CLOTHES for two days to school (not her uniform).  Wahoo!  (Love the photo bomber!)

2015-01-08 Jan 11 0042015-01-09 Jan 11 003

Silly Joy during Speech.  She loved the megaphone!  

Friday night was Bec’s last night with us before heading back to school.  We had pizza.  It is seriously a good thing I have six daughters and one son.  Can you imagine if I had six sons and one daughters?  That’s a lot of boxes!

2015-01-09 jan 11 0012015-01-10 jan 11 001

Joy was so proud of herself making muffins on Saturday morning!  It was such a relaxing day.  We went to the Library and the Grocery store that was it, except for the YW basketball game that I almost forgot!  But they won, so I am forgiven!

2015-01-10 jan 11 0022015-01-10 jan 11 003

2015-01-10 jan 11 0042015-01-10 jan 11 005


Becca Lynn headed back to SVU.  We miss her. We keep finding Becca sized holes in our lives – on the church bench, during scriptures. We look around and she’s not there. Here’s to a great semester babe!  Joy drew this picture during church – “Gecca and Me!”

2015-01-10 Jan 11 0062015-01-10 Jan 11 0082015-01-10 Jan 11 0102015-01-11 jan 11 001

I held Bella as she drifted off to sleep on Sunday afternoon.  How I love her brown eyes!

2015-01-11 jan 11 011

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