Sunday, December 14, 2014

Our Week

Cute decoration on Alex’s school door.  They are so good to him!  I love VIPS! I got to sub again on Monday.  I learn so much from these little ones!  They amaze me!

I broke down and bought my three year old a binkie holder. It feels like a total fail as a parent.  No kid should have a binkie as a three year old,.  But he is still so oral and so many of his infant reflexes haven’t integrated in, yet that the binky helps him to be organized.  He was so confused why he couldn’t hear his binky hit the floor when he would throw it away at first, but within a couple of days, he was so happy to know exactly where to reach and grab it.  Less hand banging, happy Mama!

2014-12-08 dec 14 0022014-12-08 dec 14 004

Jessi and Sammi made a fort in the living room – I love it when they do fun things!

2014-12-06 Dec 14 004

Sweet Bella was sent home on Monday.  She kept crying and they were afraid she was in pain from her surgery.  As soon as I saw her and heard her cry I knew what was wrong – poor thing was constipated!  It’s a chronic problem for Bell, add in anesthesia and you have a recipe for disaster.  I had increased her laxative, but evidently not enough!  As soon as I got her home, we got her cleared out and she was happy as a lark.  I texted this pic to her teacher who couldn’t believe it was the same kid they had just sent home! :)

Signing Time Christmas and a Christmas card from Miss Rachel came for Bella!  So thrilling!

2014-12-08 dec 14 0052014-12-09 dec 14 004

Tuesday was OT eval and Speech.  She loved the swing!  Loved the circle she drew!  I’ve been trying to convince school that she can produce a circle, she just likes to hide her abilities! Ornery girl!

2014-12-09 dec 14 0022014-12-09 dec 14 003

Wednesday Bella and Alex went to the eye doctor. Bella also had PT.  She rode a bike!  PT was blown away by her coordination!  I watched so proudly – Bella was doing something she wanted to do, something age appropriate!  That girl of mine is a wonder!

2014-12-10 dec 14 0012014-12-10 dec 14 003

While Jason took Lizzy to her Viola lesson, Joy and I made Jason’s favorite Christmas cookies!  Love that we surprised him!  Sammi made some chocolate truffles.  Must be Christmas time!

2014-12-10 dec 14 0092014-12-10 dec 14 017

2014-12-10 dec 14 0192014-12-10 dec 14 018

Wednesday was also Ben’s birthday.  He would have been 20! Two decades have passed since he was born – amazing that much time has passed!  I wonder what kind of man he would be? Grateful to know that one day I’ll see him again.

I was so excited for Thursday!  We were going on a field trip with Brother’s school.  We were going to ride the VIPS bus and go to Bass Proshop.  Santa was going to be there! 

Alas, Thursday morning, Brother woke up with a croupy cough and Joy woke up saying, “No, I stay here.” Sad!  Stuck at home with two sickies instead of exploring.  BUT – I got all of my Christmas shopping done (WAHOO!!!).  And it turned out to be a tender mercy!  One of the mothers of a class member posted the next morning that her little one came down with the flu right after the field trip.  Whew!  What a mercy to be spared that exposure!  We do NOT want the flu this year! So I was grateful we stayed home!  AND it got all the way up to the 40s, so in the afternoon we went outside and played! Overall, a great Thursday all things considered!

2014-12-11 dec 14 0062014-12-11 dec 14 0102014-12-11 dec 14 012

Friday Joy had Speech.  We are working on “sh.”  Joy is the funniest kid!  Afterwards Sammi and I headed into the doctor.  She and Brother got their flu shots. (three of my seven have now gotten it, slowly but surely we’ll get through them all).  Then Brother had Speech.  How I covet verbal communication for him!

2014-12-12 dec 14 0022014-12-12 dec 14 0052014-12-12 dec 14 006

Sammi’s seminary class.  They participated in the #sharethegift campaign.


Becca Lynn got in!  Her semester is over!  She’s home for one month.  It’s nice to have everyone home again.  (And I love having another driver in the house to run errands for me!)

That night Joy and I headed out for a Sleep study.  She was so excited!  She jumped right up on the bed!  She wasn’t so sure about the millions of leads, but she was a trooper!  Hoping to hear the results in about a week.

2014-12-12 dec 14 0082014-12-13 dec 14 001

Saturday we headed out to the Bass Pro Shop to see check it out.  How fun!  We loved all of the animal displays.  We also loved the popcorn and fudge!  There were games, a carousel, and coloring.  Best of all, there was Santa!

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We put up our trampoline.  Joy had to try it out before the net was up.  The kids are so excited to have a trampoline again!

2014-12-13 Dec 14 0662014-12-13 Dec 14 081

While we were assembling, these two balloons floated over our heads.  I don’t know why, but there are lots of hot air balloons in Louisville!

2014-12-13 dec 14 0312014-12-13 Dec 14 074

That night was our ward’s Christmas party.  Our ward is too big to fit in the building, so our family ended up eating in the Primary room.  That was OK, at least we didn’t have to worry about our noise level or that some of us eat differently than others! 

2014-12-13 Dec 14 085

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