Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas Letter 2014

(short and sweet)

Our year can be summed up in two words – we moved.


We decided to move to Louisville.  We went out over Spring Break to check out the area and tour VIPS, a preschool for Blind children.  We confirmed our decision through prayer and temple attendance.


We brought our 1970s house into the 21st century. Paint, carpet, tile, granite, the works! Stress!



We listed and sold our house.


We had some complications with the buyer’s financial situation and ended up at the Turpins for three weeks. (THANK YOU!!)

We moved into our new house, new ward, new schools.

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There you go – one long year to accomplish uprooting our family from Spring, Texas to Louisville, KY.


Becca, 19, Junior at SVU; Sammi, 16, 10th Grade; Jessi, 14, 8th Grade; Lizzy, 11, 6th Grade

Joy, 7, 1st Grade; Bella, 6, Kindergarten; Alex, 3, Preschool at VIPS


To all of our friends and family far away, we miss you! We think of you often! We love you!

Merry Christmas!!

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