Saturday, December 06, 2014

Our Week

We got the kids a new play set.  There was a great Black Friday special with $99 install (sure beats the three weekend install on the one Jason put together in Houston!)  A couple of people have been super excited!

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Joy brought home a present from school.  I have no idea who gave it to her, but she was delighted!

I finally got around to ordering Brother a chair.  He is officially OUT of the high chair!

My favorite Christmas cookies!!  YUM!  I could eat the whole tray!

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Jason and Bella playing together

Joy having fun with Alex.

Friday Bella had surgery.

Friday was Becca’s 19th Birthday!!!  Just blows my mind that she’s 19.  She reminds me often that I got married at 19!  Anyway, Bella and I sang to her while waiting for her surgery.  I also included this cute video of their SVU pom pom cheer and a couple picture I stole from Facebook.  She’s so cute!



Saturday was Jason’s work party.  I wasn’t ready to leave Bella so soon after surgery, so he had to go alone – poor guy!

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