Friday, November 21, 2014

Our Week

Monday was a Snow Day!

YW in Excellence – families were invited, so I brought Liz, who was THRILLED to go to YW!  Being the youngest of the four, she has been salivating at the idea of YW for a long time!  February can’t come fast enough!!

2014-11-18 dec 5 0042014-11-18 dec 5 005

The girls sang this song as the Closing Song.  They love it!

It’s been mighty cold here!               Even the cat is cold!

2014-11-18 2014-11-18 001 0012014-11-19 dec 5 003

Alex’s teacher is magic!  He is sitting, feeling/listening to a book!  I wish I could have her come live with us!

2014-11-20 dec 5 001

Lizzy had her All County Performance and Sammi had her Choir concert on the same night.  So we split up.  I went to Orchestra and Jason went to Choir.

Third chair in All County (a 6th Grader in the 7th Grade Orch) – kinda proud!

2014-11-20 dec 5 002

2014-11-20 2014-11-20 001 002


Jessi went to her first Stake Dance – she wore make-up!  (A guy asked her to dance – ahhh!)

2014-11-08 Dec 5 0032014-11-08 Dec 5 004

Daddy Daughter Date for Lizzy

2014-11-15 Dec 5 0082014-11-15 Dec 5 0072014-11-15 Dec 5 010

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