Monday, November 03, 2014

Jessi’s 14th Birthday


Sweet Jessi’s birthday fell on a Fast Sunday this year.  So her celebrations were drug out. On Saturday night, we took her out for a steak dinner – she choose a medium well Ribeye and this amazing chocolate dessert . Sunday morning she got to open her presents – a Fire Kindle.  Sunday night we had roasted chicken and birthday cake. Monday morning she got her birthday breakfast, pastry and OJ.

IMG_2825IMG_28262014-11-02 nov 7 0032014-11-02 nov 9 001

2014-11-02 nov 9 0052014-11-02 nov 9 008

2014-11-02 nov 7 0062014-11-04 nov 7 002

Jessi, we love you so much!  We are so proud of you and your kind heart.  I’m grateful for your amazing abilities with our SN kiddos!  There is a great quietness and calmness to your soul that little ones respond so well to.  You also have a quick wit and can use sarcasm well when you want to :)  We love ya Jes!  Thanks for being in our family!

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