Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Sliver of Hope

Today I am feeling the happiest/most hopeful/lightest (can’t pick the right word) I have felt in a long time.

Today Bella went to PT and ST and because I was bringing her in late to school, I was able to speak with her teacher face to face.

The PT didn’t see a girl in a wheelchair.  She saw a spunky little thing that wants to walk, jump, and dance.

The ST didn’t see a girl with limited communicative abilities.  She saw a funny little thing that is full of thoughts she wants to share with the world.

The teacher and I were able to discuss Bella’s weight loss, fatigue, and skewed test results and I’m feeling more hopeful about the upcoming IEP meeting.

I have needed this.  People who SEE my children.  People who HEAR me.

Isolation is a terrible thing.  Feeling like you have no one in your camp against the system is a hard and crushing feeling, a hopeless feeling, a feeling that you can’t possibly win.

On the other hand, partnerships with therapists and teachers, that is an awesome thing!  TOGETHER we can bring these children along so they can reach their highest potential.  When we are working together to help them, I am happy.  They are my life.  If they are happy and progressing, I am happy.  How grateful I am to people who dedicate their lives to helping children!

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