Sunday, November 16, 2014

Life Amongst Us

This is what Joy wants when she gets home – puppy and her ipad!

TVI working with Brother – love seeing this. 

Jason replaced our garbage disposal.  Yea to having that working again!

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Jessi went to a YW sleep over.  She had fun, but loved their zip-line the most!

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Lizzy and Jason went to a 50s Daddy-Daughter Dance – so very fun!

Lizzy wrote this poem for Jason

For you,

You are Dad,

I am Proud,

You are silly,

I am willy,

You are my Dad

And I love you.

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Brother had his big meeting with JCPS – the big turning three meeting.  He is scheduled to be assessed in JANUARY, with a placement meeting in FEBRUARY!  Again the incompetence, sigh.  Oh well.  Other than the fact that they can’t get their act together, everyone was very nice.  We continue to move forward.  Grateful his therapies are not dependent on the school or he would have nothing for three months!  What a blessing he has Medicaid!

Therapy evals this week – yea!  Really impressed with these ladies and their knowledge!  So excited that they are excited to work with my babies.  They could see and we talked about what we have been working on the past 7, 6, or 3 years and what we need to do to keep moving forward.  It’s all about progression!

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Sammi brought home some of her art work – the ribbon name is my fav!2014-11-11 nov 17 a 0042014-11-11 nov 17 a 0052014-11-11 nov 17 a 0062014-11-11 nov 17 a 007

Because of VIPS, I can braille again!  Finally able to finish brailling another bed time story.  Sorry, Goodnight Moon, you now have competition!

Oh, and Brother has discovered hair – yea!

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Waking up to frost and ice – cold! Joy was freaking out about her bye-bye (her word for the van).  But I saw this perfect snow flake/ice crystal on the deck and had to take a picture – love it!

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What a lovely evening – the fire, books, music.  It was awesome!2014-11-13 nov 17 a 008

We painted Lizzy’s room and got her a few new things – she loves it!  I had a purple room when I was 11/12. :)

Joy reading to her babies! Love her nurturing nature!

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