Sunday, July 20, 2014

Our Week

The last week of waiting.  It’s that time of year in Houston when I don’t want to be outside, it’s too humid and too hot.  And if we do venture out, we are attacked by mosquitos.  So we stay indoors, a lot!  This was the last week with nothing really planned.  Next week is the loading of the van, the closing on the house, but this week we just wait and let time pass. 

Awesome news!  Jason started his new job.  He is now an employee of Mirazon, a company based in Louisville.  One check mark on the prayer list.  We are very grateful for that!  His fellow employees seem to be a fun bunch.

Sunday pictures


Sammi’s waterfall braid, once her hair dried, it curl right up into her ringlets.  It was so pretty!


Jessi’s beautiful drawing.                                                FHE Brownies and Ice Cream


This crazy girl – how many articles of clothing can you wear at the same time?  In the second, it was her PJs around her middle, two of Brother’s shirts, two of Jessi’s shirts, a skirt, a purse, and headphones!


Love these two together!


Tuesday was Brother’s last TVI with Miss Lani.  Crazy!  She helped us to understand so much and we are grateful that we got to know her.  Hoping for a wonderful TVI in Kentucky!


This silly little Miss!


Joy sometimes takes crazy pictures on my phone – OT tools and a happy Jessi!


Becca keeps asking for pictures of her kitty.  I have so many on my phone – it’s ridiculous!


Lizzy’s Activity Day leaders stopped by to say good-bye and give her a treat.  So very kind!

Liz went and played with her friend – I’m not sure I want to know what they were doing! Smile


We have broken a slant on a blind.  Joy thought we should fix it with a band-aid.

Did you know cats are fascinated with fax machines?


Wednesday was Miss Amy’s last day.  I will miss her.  She has become my good friend.  I saw her every day of the week between the three kids.  She too is moving.  All our best, Amy, as you begin your new adventures.


Kathie invited us to join her family for Thursday Free Museum Day.  We started at a park for lunch, ate, played, and headed over to the Museum of Fine Arts.  It started pouring as soon as we made it to a shelter and then drizzled all the time we were at the park.  The museum was good.  I have avoided Free Thursdays because I’m not a fan of crowds, but it wasn’t too bad.  More importantly, we got out of the house and got to be with family!  We will miss being so close to them very, very soon. So wishing my camera was working so all of these pictures weren’t so dark!



The kids loved this exhibit!  You can walk all through it!


Alex did what Alex always does in noisy, populated areas with nothing for the blind to do.  He went to sleep.  Not sure what we’ll do when he’s older.

Friday night, our sweet Young Women leaders threw a good-bye party for the girls.  It was nice and so very thoughtful.  Afterwards they were given these sweet gifts, pictures of the Houston temple and a small book that the girls had written in. So very kind!


Saturday we unloaded the storage unit.  All of this junk is back in my house!  Ugh!  I liked it better empty! I have some hard working girls!  The babies were confused why they couldn’t come outside and help us on the busy street.  Poor Joy needed some comforting!


The girls loved having the block trunk back.  They were immediately in it and playing!


Saturday we gave away Bella’s hospital bed.  It’s so expensive and for families without Medicaid usually not an option.  So we found a family that could use it and Saturday they picked it up.  My heart!  I loved that bed!  It was perfect for Bell.  It helped her so much – to keep her in the right position for all of her issues, to help prevent bed sores from being in bed all the time.  But as Jason said the other day, “We aren’t in hospice anymore.”  And it’s true.  Bella is not the sick, frail, medically fragile thing she was.  She is strong and ready to play!  So we let it go.  The bed will bless this family and Bella will start life fresh in a new big girl bed in Kentucky.

Saturday Jason and I went on a long motorcycle ride to Borough’s Park.  Our last together in Houston.  Here’s to many to come in Kentucky!

Alex signing More and Jump!

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