Sunday, July 13, 2014

Our Week

Sorry about the lousy pictures.  My camera has died, so I am left with my phone and ipads.  Sadness!

We love the Japanese Garden at Hermann Park, so we took one last trip.

Took this picture of the spider sculpture for Becca Lynn, cause I’m such a sweet Mom that way!


My six at home



Playing during sacrament meeting – took a pony tail and created this weird sloppy bun/ braided thing.              Joy wanted a picture too!


Brother LOVES his ST – her last day is next Wednesday.  So sad!  

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!  Bella’s balloon busted in her g-tube.  Miraculously, a fellow SN Mom had an extra and just gave it to us.  So grateful.  We were going to head into the ER for a new one!  So grateful!!

Tea party – Joy loves them!!


Cute girl                                 Headed to the library with Daddy


A brief stomach bug  - both she and Sammi got it


Katie and Mandy spent the night on Friday.  They had a great time!


We meet up with Grandma, Grandpa, Nathan, and Mandy for lunch.  They are leaving on vacation next weekend, so we won’t see them again until Thanksgiving!  Such a weird thought!



Lizzy and I went for a walk in this lovely weather!  (Totally soaked by the time we got home and I’m not sure we even did a mile!)


We went swimming twice this week.  Once at the Hecker’s and once with Aunt Rissie.  Thanks for inviting us Rissie!


Lizzy’s primary class had a good-bye party for her.  So very kind!  She will miss her friends here.


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