Sunday, July 06, 2014

Our Two Weeks

The Youth Challenge for our ward this summer is Indexing.  Jessi is doing awesome!  She will definitely meet her goal of 1000 names!  Sammi is doing it as well.  It is definitely a better use of their time than just YouTube, reading, and TV!  Sweet boy asleep at church.


The girls and I made bread as thank you’s for their leaders that helped with Girl’s Camp.  We are so grateful for all of their time and preparation to make it such a great experience!  Making a cake for a friend’s birthday.


Lizzy went to the Eye Doctor.  Blepharitis, just like her Daddy.  Sorry baby!  Joy, the Zombie!IMG_4494IMG_4497

Becca came up with a game for the girls  - everyone lists their size on a card, then they go to Goodwill and pick out crazy outfits for each other and take pictures.  They had fun!


Poor kitty, she gets stinky and must have baths.  She isn’t a fan!  She does like the heating pad afterwards though!                 Cute girls


Blubbering Brother’s tummy


Blocks during Speech


Sweet baby – the mosquitos have been so bad this year!  I let her play outside for a few minutes!  So so sorry, we had to use both oral and topical Benadryl.  So sorry baby!


As an adoption fundraiser, a lady I know was selling the Perkins Panda set.  So excited!  You can’t get these through Quota Funds, you have to purchase them.  Since it was for an adoption, I had to help!  We were so excited to receive it!


We have been trying to take everyone out on a special lunch or dinner date before we move.  Lizzy at e-star!


Jessi’s sweet harp friends got together for a day of fun and music making.  They also turned it into a little reception at the end and good-bye for Jessi.  Such sweet friends.  She will miss them!


Sammi made an “I love you” hand from a glove and some rice!     Monkey see, monkey do!


Kathie and Mama invited us to join them at a bouncy house.  Joy and Bella had so much fun.  But ALEX, thanks to Katie’s help and attention, had a blast!  He loved it!  Thank you Katie!!


Jason, Becca, and I drove up to Louisville in Zippy (Becca’s car). It really is a pretty drive up through Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky.  Kris, Jacob, and Zachary stayed with the kids while we were away – thank you Wards!!


  The Turpin’s meet us up there.  Here we are enjoying a Japanese Steak House.


An awesome beetle Becca and I saw at the temple.


The Louisville KY Temple


At Cherokee Park after church for a picnic. (We were trying to be good by buying the food the previous day). 


If you look close enough, there is a crawfish there.       Grandma and Grandpa TurpinIMG_4584IMG_4585

At Seneca Park – love it, even more than Cherokee Park because it has a creek!


Cuban restaurant – never had Cuban food before!          The house we picked  - lest it look like all we did was have fun – Goodness! This isn’t an easy process.  So much time looking, researching, praying, and curled up in the fetal position!  It’ll all work out.  This will become our new home.  The Lord has plans for us here in Kentucky.


I thought Indiana was beautiful too!        And then at Indianapolis, Grandpa, Jason and I headed North to Chicago and Becca and Grandma headed West to the Quad Cities. Then our flight was cancelled.  Another night in Chicago and then finally HOME! 


Chicago style pizza at the airport.  So grateful for both sets of parents who used their points so we could stay in hotels during our trip.  Thank you!


Joy lost another tooth – poor thing can barely eat!  I am teaching her to cook eggs.  So grateful the girls all know how to get around in the kitchen!


Bella’s new glasses came in!


Went to play at McDonald’s to get out of the house and out of the heat!IMG_4614IMG_4615

Joy and her “cow pies”  (French Fries – hard to say with no teeth!)     Cute Lizzy and Husky


Therapy – oh, how we will miss our therapists!             Jason is no longer employed with Insource Technology.  They have converted him to 1099.  He brought home all of his equipment so he can do some work from home.  Count them – five screens!  Crazy man!


                                4th of July Hair


4th of July at my Mom’s Farm.  Kathie’s family, Donna’s family, My family, and my parent’s family.  It was a nice relaxed time together.  The last one for us while we live in Houston.  We will miss these times.  I loved seeing the cousins playing together.




Sammi’s lunch out to Wacky Mongolian Grill   Afterwards they checked out Whole Foods that just opened up – fun tarts!


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