Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our Week

Sitting at church I looked down and saw that the bracelet that Jessi was wearing was ISU colors, so we had to text it to Becca!   Thought I would preserve for posterity Jessi daily breakfast.  One cup of hot chocolate.  Stop, wait for that to kick in.  Seriously, she is as bad as a woman needing her daily coffee fix.  Then after her shower, scrambled eggs with cheese.


Jessi’s friend’s birthday – she lives on the street where lots of the middle schoolers get picked up.  They all gathered and covered her in confetti.  Joy loved it!


Girl Scout meeting for Joy – snack and making a troop shirt


One excited little girl as all of her new Treeschoolers and Signing Time DVDs came – and a signed picture from Miss Rachel – loved our Kickstart backer rewards!IMG_7465IMG_7464

Lizzy and I cleaned out the pantry – really cleaned it


With a name like Joy, she gets to see her name displayed all the time!  She loves it!

Joy loves her teachers – what a relief that is to me!   Busy working.


Two finallys – we have lived in this house for ten years and we finally had the garage door fixed!  It just wasn’t a priority until Jason needed to be able to store his bike safely.  And finally I got a fellow SN Mom to walk me through how to reset the parameters on Bella’s pulse ox machine.  So grateful!


Outside – Lizzy and I found this awesome mushroom.  I think they are called honey mushrooms.  We loved how they grew all on top of each other.  Sammi found this poor Monarch butterfly – still beautiful!  The girls playing.


PT – Brother has another new thing – functional scoliosis.  So not bone related, but he is curving his body none the less.  So lots of strength training.

Little Miss would prefer not to use her body at all.  She likes to come home from school and curl up in the fetal position around an ipad and veg.  Well, PT thinks that is terrible.  So to watch the ipad after school, she has to sit up (no worries, there is lots of support).  And miracle of all miracles – she actually walked in her walker!  At her monthly eval, they were thinking that she needs a bigger one. 


After a long day of therapy and running, Jason and I grabbed the camera and tried to record the colors of autumn.


Brother’s newest thing – everything has to be tasted.  He licks everything!  He loves to carry his blankie like this now.  He also loves to listen to machines – refrigerator, dish washer, laundry machine, and dryer.  He is using his senses to explore his world.


Friday a friend gave Sammi a teddy bear for her birthday and she got another Bearkat award!


Bella’s school work – this means she touched paint!


Sammi’s Birthday Party!!

Saturday Sammi had a couple friends over for pizza and cake and then they went and watched Catching Fire!



Grandma and Grandpa got here!!  We look forward to their visit every year!

Grandma on Facebook with Becca


Joy always steals Grandpa’s hat – she loves it!  These two cuddling


Jason had to take this picture – crazy tech babies!  We got to see Linda this week.  Lizzy spent the night with her on Friday and Saturday.  They were both in heaven!IMG_7515IMG_7516

Me reading a book to the girls – Jason caught me!


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