Sunday, November 03, 2013

Our Week

The Diaz family brought us candy apples!  Wow – never had those before!  Jessi and I found the website about the series we have been reading  the last couple of weeks – Artemis Fowl.  Fun!


Bella got sent home from school (her stickers from the school nurse).  That tummy of hers was hard and distended again.  Notice how she is showing no pain.  I counted and it was ER worthy three times this week.  No answers really from our tests with GI last week.

Sammi and her friend from church went to a choir Halloween party.


Jessi got her orchestra dress, “uniform, Mom!”  She looks so cute – they had Orchestra pictures this week.


Just as fast as I can fold, she is undoing and laughing so hard!  It’s more fun perched on the top of the couch!


Sweet girl dropped her baby doll on herself after school.  It must have been quite a day because she just dissolved in tears.  Some things are just made better with root beer!

Lizzy and I went up to the school for Book Fair on Wednesday night and I got to see my babies as Mittlestadt stars!  Joy was one of six featured from the Developmental classes and Lizzy from 5th Grade.  Proud heart moment!


Playing in the bucket together – love it!  A new noisy toy - one happy boy!

IMG_7183photo (2)

Report cards came home.  So proud of how hard my kids work.  When you have an IEP, you get a report on how well the student is progressing towards their goals.  Different than a normal report card.                                                   Lizzy got her 5th Grade shirt!


IMG_2628Jessi got new glasses!  She is following in her parent’s footsteps.  She entered puberty and went blind (wondering at that expression now with a truly blind son – hmm, some of the things we say)  Just like her Mama, she has one really bad eye and one OK eye.  She loves seeing leaves on treIMG_2622es again!

Sammi had her 504 meeting on Friday.  It was such a positive meeting.  Everyone was so kind and encouraging.  The teachers just kept complimenting Sammi on how hard she works and what a good advocate she is for herself.  We are going to see if these accommodations help our girl.  If not, we have to officially go under the Special Ed umbrella.  We’ll see.

Joy having fun – she has a pumpkin for a head.  Speech gave them plastic eyeballs which she raced down the walls!




Jason sold the old van to a nice family.  It’s bittersweet.  We got that van when we got Joy.  It was comfortable for our trip to Nauvoo.  It became my ambulance for Bella once we started transporting her, rather than using real ambulances.  I was grateful for the outlets for all of her machines and the space.  It became Becca’s car after we got our new van.  It is known as the Mormon party bus among her friends.  We don’t need two vans, so it was time to let it go. 





The kids had a great time!  Joy was super excited and ran full tilt to each front door – which resulted in two skinned knees.  Poor baby!  Brother slept through the trick or treating.  Lizzy was great about explaining to each homeowner what each person was dressed up as. Bella loved it!  A great haul!



Jessi’s 13th Birthday!

She woke us up and opened presents – she got $100 plus a colored pencils and oil pastels.  Sammi gave her a cute (and soft) blanket.  I bought pick up sticks just for fun.  Everyone loved it!  She asked for “pastry” for breakfast, Olive Garden for lunch, and stroganoff for dinner.  She and I went to pick up the Buddy Walk shirts and went shopping.  She, her friend, Caitlan, Sammi and Jason went to see Ender’s Game – they loved it!  We had cake and ice cream.  Welcome to being a teenager, baby girl!



Cake time!


The kids having a great time in the backyard!


Lizzy and Daddy made pumpkin seeds.  Loved this – Joy found bread and mustard and brought it to me on a tray.  So cute!


oh this girl – a Sharpie, none the less!


Our Sunday fall foliage drive


Trick or Treat

Happy birthday Jessi!

Brother saying/singing “Hi!”  - Not our most professional video, a bit of real life going on in the background and foreground and everywhere Smile

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