Sunday, November 10, 2013

Our Week

Church nursery                         So happy when he is eating


Guess who is a Daisy Girl Scout?  At the investiture



Monday night we went to the Special Needs support group.  The big kids put together a dance.  Brother walked around and gave all the Mamas hugs.  I have never seen him do anything like that before.

photo 1 (4)

Sammi did her hair.  Bella is the cutest kid ever.  Joy makes me laugh with her pretend!


Playing the Wii


Bella’s 5th Birthday – Wednesday was Bella’s 5th birthday.  Her birthdays always blow me away.  And to see how far she has come this year – amazing! 

I went up to her school for lunch.  She ate two grapes.  Crazy kid!  I brought cupcakes for her class.  She didn’t eat hers, but she liked the attention.

I stopped at Sonic for some tator tots for lunch.  She ate a couple!  Wahoo!



They were so cute – one of the boys turned off the light and they use a battery operated light.

Sammi eating a leftover cupcake – love the orange lips Sam!  She thought it looked like orange lipstick!  So much of how we celebrate revolves around food, and she doesn’t eat.  Oh well.  We tried to present a dinner something she has shown interest in the past – chicken nuggets, tator tots, and cheese puffs.  (Not nutritious, but it’s her birthday.)  She ate one puff.  Sweet girl.


Her teachers and therapists were kind and gave her little gifts.


Her big surprise for her birthday was to talk to Miss Rachel from Signing Time and Treeschoolers.  We all loved that!!  Twenty minutes one on one with Miss Rachel!

Happiest birthday my Bella – we love you!  We are so grateful you are in our family!

Here is a short segment:

TVI on Thursday


At Target being silly with Jason – he changes nationality depending on his hat!


Young Athletes program at school for Joy.  It is a pre-Special Olympics program that they put on at the schools.  So fun to see Joy at school.  I loved watching the dynamics of school, to see her world.  Lizzy came out to cheer her sister on!  Love that!



photo 3 (4)The Buddy Walk – we went downtown to the Reliant Stadium.  There were a few games and some fun food choices.  We loved the food truck – the Monster PBJ.    So fun!!  Joy was so cute standing there handing him her money!  Cashew butter, Strawberry jam with strawberry slices on wheat for me – super messy and super fun!  We lasted for two and a half hours.  Joy and Bella loved everyone that was cheering for them!




photo 1 (2)photo 2 (2)photo 1photo 3 (2)photo 3 (3)photo 5 (2)photo 4 (3)photo 4 (4)

There was an exhibit by an artist with Autism.  Sammi loved his work and bought a print of this owl picture.  The Buddy Walk with over 9000 people was a bit much for Sam.  I was proud of her for holding it together for so long.


After dropping off the littles for their naps, Jason took the girls out for frozen yogurt.

Later Jason, Bella, and I went shopping.  She is such a happy little girl right now.  I am so happy that she is doing well enough to show us her personality.  How I love this little munchkin!

photo 2photo 4

Therapy – working on walking over uneven surfaces and working on our cores.


Oh this girl – it was eval time and no way was she going to show what she can do for Speech.  Joy scored a 58 and 75 for her expressive and receptive language.IMG_7396

Lizzy pretending to be a nurse – she’s got the paperwork part right!  Daddy and Bella snuggling and watching Rachel and the Treeschoolers.


An afternoon outside


Joy LOVES that dog.        Brother loves to throw his head back and hit it on the floor – not cool.  So I thought what can I do with this behavior.  The neurologist says it’s going to happen, so I want to shape it so it’s more socially appropriate.  And I thought of the rocking chair.  He loved it!  Rocking back and forth based on the momentum of his body. 


Sammi works so hard in her school work – another Bearkat award!! 

Daddy playing with his babies.


Cute Joy drawing outside – love her jacket!


Jason has a new passion in his life.  He bought it this week.  He is so excited!!


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