Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I’ve Been Wondering…

Just because this is my blog and I can post my thoughts here (and because I don’t know that anyone reads this, so I feel safe)

I’ve been wondering – Why do we complain? (Me too, I’m not exempt)

Seriously, we all have problems.  But isn’t that what prayer is for?  To speak to the only One who truly understands you anyway.  Others may nod their heads and say words of understanding, empathy or encouragement, but there is only One who really gets where your heart is at that moment.  He is the only one who gets why it’s bothering you and what you are really feeling, not what you are saying (as those can be different).

I live with my feet in so many different worlds -

Just this morning …

  • I read about the Mom who was complaining about how hard family pictures are.  And I looked at the picture of her daughters.  Her oldest is a Senior and I thought, “Next year your heart will be breaking because they aren’t all together.”  What was my motivation?  Thinking of my oldest far away from home trying to find out who she really is and what she really wants out of life.  She is stretching her wings and attempting to fly solo – and my heart hurts because of it.
  • I read about a Mom remembering the passing of a friend, a little one with medical issues taken way too early (by our mortal reckoning) from her family and life.  And my heart ached because of how close we came to that with Bella and how often I read about the passing of a friend because that is the world I live in.  Every time Bella gets sick my heart is paralyzed with fear. How my heart aches for the parents left behind when their babies are called home.
  • I read about a Mom trying to figure out how to juggle her seven children and the three neuro and spinal surgeries needed for her two year old.  And my heart ached for her and her family as I remember our past and know this will be my reality again some time in the future.  I think about how she must be there for the one who needs her in the hospital and how she is needed at home by all the rest so they too feel loved and important.  It’s difficult to have to choose between your children and hope that someone else is making up the difference in your absence.  My heart hurts for the comments my own children have made.

I’ve seen women sitting around and talking about their lives (complaining) and sometimes it feels like a contest.  “My life is harder than yours” they seem to be saying.  Are we seeking acknowledgement that our path is difficult, that we are entitled to feel how we feel?  Do we want people to feel sorry for us?  Do we want people to understand our path?  Do we ever really understand the path of another? 

I know that is one of the things I am most grateful for – a God who listens, acknowledges, and cares about each of us individually.  He can listen to the busy mom, the grieving mom, and the planning mom with love and understanding for each - there is no judgment, just peace and love.  I’m grateful for that.  Actually it’s more than gratitude, it’s my life line.

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