Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our Week

An Alex video

Monday Bec had a dentist appointment where of course she found a cavity.  She has known Bec since she was three.  She just fit it in and fixed her tooth and wished her well at college.  My parents had another cow processed.  I forget how much meat that is!!  They were kind and divided it between Kathie, themselves, and us.  Thank you!


Happy, crazy kiddos


Playing in the water!             Spending every second she can with Alex.

We meet a new family and then we all went and got ice cream – coneless for Bec.


The original four


Wednesday – Becca and I left for Idaho. You can read about our adventures here.


Salt Lake City Airport and area was fun – there are so many missionaries returning!!  We saw this on an overpass.  And then this graffiti covered building – until you look closer and realize it’s a whole bunch of missionaries welcoming signs!


Moving Bec into her dorm required several trips to the store.  She loves In N Out Burger’s protein burger (totally GF!!)

Her post about her dorm


Loving the soft grass of campus.  Off to New Student Orientation.


My tender mercy – I was really starting to struggle.  Seriously, dropping off your daughter in the middle of nowhere surrounded by total strangers – hard.  We keep talking about how this didn’t feel real yet.  Like I was dropping her off for EFY or going to convention.  But as time to leave crept closer and closer, I was having a harder and harder time.  Lots and lots of prayers, and feeling nothing in return.  I can’t feel the Spirit when I am freaking out.  I block Him.  After I dropped off my baby for New Student Orientation (no parents invited), the tire light came on in the rental car.  Great!  What do I do?  This is Jason’s department, not mine.  Long story short – I checked the tire pressure.  One was way low.  I filled it with air.  I went shopping for some more things Bec needed.  The light was still on.  Darn!  I headed toward campus wondering what to do.  I passed two churches thinking maybe I should go in and ask someone there for a recommendation for an automobile repair shop.  I came around a corner and saw ding, ding, ding a tire store.  So I pulled in and explained that what I had done (checking the pressures, filling it, the light still on, etc).  He was so kind to me.  He got the car right in and sure enough I had a screw in the tire.  They fixed it up and then told me that the car wasn’t sending any signals to the car, so they couldn’t tell me why the light was on.  (I am so just grateful for that Heavenly protection – imagine the tire blowing on the 2 1/2 hour drive to SLC when I’m in a time crunch to catch a plane!)  And then, he didn’t charge me a cent!  So I felt Divinely watched over and extremely grateful to Brian at Brian’s Tire Factory.  They are at the corner of E. Oak and E. Custer if you ever need tires in Pocatello!!  I highly recommend them!!


GF pizza for lunch that day.  More unpacking and dealing with business.  Then we were ready for dinner.  It was raining like crazy, the streets were flooding, and then it started hailing!!  We braved the weather for this great Thai restaurant Bec had read about, only to find out the restaurant wasn’t even open yet!  Becca thought this was hysterical!


We ended up back at her GF Chinese restaurant.  She ordered a huge pot of sweet and sour soup and took it home with her.  She hasn’t been able to have any for over a year, so she was happy!


IMG_1969Saturday was rough – just rough.  How can something so good for you like independence and growing up be so hard!  We cried and cried!  My job is to nurture, to love, to protect.  Watching my 17 year old sob and having to walk away broke my heart.  This isn’t what a Mama does.  A Mama comforts and fixes, she doesn’t abandon.  And to make matters worse, Bec had her big Symphony audition one hour after I left.  What terrible timing!  I prayed so hard for her.  I called Jason and he gathered everyone at home.  They knelt and prayed for Bec to be calm and do well on her audition.

She didn’t do her best, but she did fine she said.  The personnel director was really nice.  She finally got to meet Dr. Cha, her viola instructor.  She was calmer when she talked to me later.

Me, on the other hand, my eyes keep filling with tears.  This is hard and it just plain stinks!



Sammy Ricks flew home with me.  He was an angel all day.

So glad to be home.  Missing our Bec.







Friday Jason took the girls to meet their teachers.  School starts tomorrow!  Crazy!  So grateful everyone’s had their Back to School Blessings.  It’s going to be an awesome year for all 7 of them!

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